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Women’s Day Gifting Ideas For 2019

Strength is what defines Women. “They are a complete circle. Within them is the power to create, nurture and transform.” – Diane Mariechild

This life that you’re enjoying would indeed be incomplete had they not been there in your lives as sisters, moms, wives, and girlfriends. Whatever be the role given to them by life, they perform it with excellence and demeanor, and it would be disrespectful to not appreciate and acknowledge their efforts. Now that, Women’s day is just about to arrive, you’ve yet another chance to express warmth and gratitude to every woman who has contributed majorly in your life. This year plan something really praiseworthy and heart melting and make that day a memorable one for your charming ladies. They have done so much for you and the society, now it is your turn to express your token of love and respect.

To help you sweep your wonder women off their feet this International Women’s Day we have curated a list of some thoughtful gifts:

Say It With Chocolates And Cakes


Women of every age love chocolates and cakes. We know, these are the most cliched yet the most perfect picks for your mother, sister, as well as your wife. Also, these can easily make you the loving son, brother or husband without much effort.

But while choosing a cake and ordering chocolates, it’s necessary to keep their preferences in mind. And if you’re not sure what to order then a box of Handmade Assorted Chocolates by Royal Beans should be an ideal choice. This curated collection contains 16 flavours ranging from dark chocolate to peppermint chocolate bonbons – absolutely divine in taste and an amazing gift for all the chocolate lovers.

You can make the celebrations a lot more sweet by ordering a cake along with chocolates and the best one you can go for is Coffee Chocolate Chip Cake by Happy Bakers.


Surprise Them with Fine Tea and Coffee Blends


Gifting is not all about splurging – it’s often the surprise factor and the experience that counts.

Tea and coffee are everyone’s go-to beverage so, gifting them makes sense. These will definitely give all the women in your life a great opportunity to have endless conversations with their friends – an experience they’ll always cherish.

The best Tea collection that you could go for is Wooden Tea Chest by Dancing Leaf. Packed with 3 different flavours of tea and a handcrafted Dark-Lined Mahogany Box, it is a must-have box for tea lovers and collectors.



Pamper Them with Bath Salts


Celebrate womanhood and the unconditional love and support your lady lucks bring into your lives by giving them a reason to rejuvenate.

This World Women’s Day, remind the women in your life that they can and should relax and unwind. Do this with Lavender Bath Salts by Homemade Adda. These potent grains relieve stress, pain, and cramps in one go making it an excellent way to convey the message of care.





Capture Moments In a Frame

For that woman who has made every moment of your life so much more meaningful, this year try creating a special moment for her. Capture and gift a loving memory of you two together with this customizable Blacklit Engraved Portrait by Think Artly.

This will not only last forever but also, keeping reminding her of the loving bond that you both share. It’s that one gift which you can gift to any dear person of yours be it your colleague, wife, mother, sister or your girlfriend as a souvenir of happiness.



Contribute To Their Health


This year celebrate Women’s Day by getting them the gift of health. Take their workout session to the next level with a yoga fitness mat – your best bet is Cork Eco Yoga Mat by Ida Yog. Made using a symphonic blend of rubber and cork, it’s high on performance, durability and low on maintenance – best suited for all the busy bees.

This simple yet thoughtful gift will definitely showcase your love and care and also, bring you a lot closer to them.




Hope the above-mentioned gifting ideas help you make this Women’s Day memorable for your dear ones.

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