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Why You Should Substitute Your Jam with All Natural Apple Jams Right Now

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How do you like your toast in the morning? We bet you won’t say no to toast loaded with the goodness of homemade jam. Jam has always been a bone of contention among weight watchers. Some believe it isn’t healthy while others argue that jam is an excellent source of protein and energy. Who’s right and who’s wrong? The question remains unanswered, but we can say one thing for sure—commercially prepared jams with artificial preservatives are definitely not good for your health.

Now, if we go by arguments, it’s definitely better to consume fresh fruits, but spreading a whole apple across toast can be cumbersome. Therefore, we have healthy jams and preserves to make our lives simpler. While it seems an easy and cheaper option to buy a bottle of apple jam from the supermarket, you may want to keep a few things in mind before you make the purchase.

Is that bottle of jam as healthy as it claims to be? Find out.

Some are good and some bad. Most commercially produced jams contain a lot of sugar, corn sugar, HFCS and other artificial preservatives that negate all the goodness of the fruits in jams. The fruits used in these jams are ridden of their moisture to increase the shelf life of the product. This virtually takes away all the nutritional content of the fruits. What’s worse? Commercial jams are made from pesticide-laden fruits and preserved using harmful chemicals.

Just because it says on the bottle that the jam you’re buying is made using fruits doesn’t mean it possesses the goodness of the fruits. The fruits are heated at extremely high temperatures with loads of sugar syrup, which cancels out most of its beneficial qualities. Jams are supposed to be laden with vitamin C, but it gets destroyed by the extreme temperatures. The heat also destroys other vitamins and enzymes in the jam.

What’s the solution?

Get all-natural apple jam online at remarkable prices

If you just cannot have your toast without your favourite apple jam, you might want to consider the natural jam options. Make it at home or buy it from natural food stores and enjoy your toast in peace. Wondering how natural apple jam is healthy? Let us tell you.

1) Naturally prepared jams are better than other spreads

Unlike other spreads like butter, margarine or mayonnaise, jam doesn’t increase your cholesterol or fat content. Natural jams help you maintain a healthy body weight when consumed in recommended quantities. Apple jam is one of the best.

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  • Yummy jams and pickles from Pickle shickle…. Love the kiwi, mixed fruit jam… And pickles are just too good… Have tried mixed veg.. Yummylishious..

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