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Catch the Curator #4 – Kruthika Kumaran | Vilvah

Vilvah – The Dream of a Mother Brought to Life by a Daughter

Meet Kruthika Kumaran, the lady behind the Vilvah Store, a shop where everything is ‘Truly Natural’. She describes Vilvah as a tale of a mother’s dream made true by her daughter.

Kruthika, an engineering graduate has always been obsessed with the idea of healthy and sustainable living. When we asked her about the reason behind this obsession, she said, “I read it somewhere that skin in the largest organ of our body”. The very moment I learnt this fact, it got stuck in my mind. I wondered, wondered and wondered that if skin is an organ, why don’t we feed it with something edible like the way we feed our tummies, instead of torturing it with chemicals and whatever we feel like?”

Fair point Kruthika, we mumbled in our minds.

So, let’s get more acquainted with the lady who thinks out of the box and for the well-being of all.

What made you think of Vilvah?

Vilvah is way more than just a brand; it’s my mother’s dream. I remember, she always wanted me to make natural skincare products, she called them natural goodies. Unfortunately, she was diagnosed with a skin condition, which according to the doctor was the adverse effect of some harsh chemicals. What else other than the regular cosmetic products and toiletries she used could we blame? As her skin was hypertensive, she was affected badly. Today, my mother is no more and Vilvah is my tribute to her.

If we tell you to describe Vilvah in two words, what would you say?

Vilvah is ‘Truly Natural’ and that’s our USP too.

Tell us something more about the store and its products…

Vilvah Store is an all-natural skincare brand where each and every skincare goodie is made from fresh, handpicked and organic ingredients. We bring to you the right blend of nourishing food grade products in their purest forms without any preservatives, additives, synthetic oils or artificial perfumes.

What products you basically deal in?

Apart from being the maker of various skincare products like soaps, oils, beauty serums, deodorants, shampoos etc, we also strive to present you with an all natural cosmetics range. We know it’s a bit hard to formulate cosmetics products using all natural approach. But, we are very happy to tell you that we have almost nailed it with our organic lip gloss and lipstick range.

How do you get the raw materials?

As far as the ingredients are concerned, we work very hard to source out the finest raw materials. Our quality is the best demonstration of our endless efforts to bring the best to you.

What makes Vilvah unique?

Vilvah’s soul is all natural. That makes us unique. In fact, we don’t even conduct any animal testing on our products as well as ingredients.

One last question, what would you be doing, if not Vilvah?

What did you say, if it wasn’t Vilvah? It has to be Vilvah because it’s my soul and I can’t do without it.


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