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Catch the Curator #8 – Asha Dinesh, Divya Dinesh & Deeksha Dinesh | VedaEarth

VedaEarth – the Blend of Collective Wisdom and Goodness of Nature

Meet the trio, Asha Dinesh, and her daughters Divya and Deeksha Dinesh: the triumvirate of VedaEarth, which they call the labor of collective wisdom and goodness of nature.

Asha Dinesh and Divya Dinesh, this mother-daughter duo crafted VedaEarth to fulfill their desire for quality and skin-friendly personal care products. VedaEarth, according to its founders is an amalgamation of time-tested formulations of Ayurveda and holistic approach of aromatherapy seasoned with a contemporary twist.

Each and every product by the brand is designed to heal and redefine the inner beauty. Divya added, “Beauty is inherent and our products are designed with the aim of redefining it. We bring to you the goodness of nature with a modern makeover. Through our products, we want to share our experiences with everybody about how these traditional therapies actually helped us fight stubborn skin and health conditions.”

Old is gold, after all. We muttered in our heads. Let’s hear the real life experiences of this mother-daughter duo directly from their mouth –

Which real life experience you were talking about?

Divya’s skin is very sensitive and she couldn’t use any store bought skin-care product because whenever she tried to use, the results were very painful. She used to get blisters and allergies all over her face and body. You won’t believe, but she literally feared trying even those products that read organic or natural”, said Asha Dinesh (Divya’s mother). Even I also suffered from episodes of debilitating headaches for many years and was unable to lead a normal life. Although our problems were different, but both of us found relief in Aromatherapy and alternative medicine.


From where did you get to know about the concept of aromatherapy? Is that the inspiration behind VedaEarth?

Well yes, you are right. The source from where we got to know about aromatherapy and related aspects is undoubtedly our inspiration too and her name is Dr. Sarita Jain. She has a doctorate in Acupuncture and has been practicing successfully since 1999. Apart from that, she has been a beauty and aromatherapy practitioner since 1989. Not only she inspired us, but also guided us with the formulation of our products at VedaEarth. In a way, the concept of VedaEarth came alive due to her continuous enthusiasm and support. We want to thank her from the bottom of our hearts.

What are your featured products?

Our range of product includes – oils, handmade soaps, bath salts and face packs.

What makes VedaEarth different?

All our products are 100% vegan sans any harmful chemicals, sulphates, parabens, mineral oil, petrochemical and silicones. Moreover, we don’t use any animal-based product or byproduct like, dairy products, eggs, lanolin, beeswax, honey and silk. We at VedaEarth are completely against cruelty to animals. Therefore, we don’t even carry out animal testing for our products.

A last question please… where do you see yourself in the coming years?

As I told you, VedaEarth was born out of a need, the need for natural and wholesome products. So, we will keep on bringing more goodness to you in the years to come.

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