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VedaEarth | Recreating Beauty With Aromatherapy And Ayurveda

A family – Asha Dinesh, and daughters Divya and Deeksha –welcome you to become a part of it – the family of products, and the family that creates and uses the products created by them.
Divya Dinesh and Asha Dinesh, a mother-daughter duo wanted to share their experience of how traditional remedies and Aromatherapy helped them. The brand – VedaEarth came about due to a need for a quality range of skin friendly products. Suffering from skin sensitivity of a magnitude where she couldn’t use any store bought products and feared trying even those that claimed to be organic or natural for fear of further irritating her skin, Divya’s search for personal care products that didn’t irritate her skin led her to Aromatherapy. Her mother, Asha, too had for many years suffered from debilitating headaches that left her unable to lead a normal life. She found long lasting relief from Aromatherapy and alternative medicine.
The person behind their inspiration and belief in the concept of Aromatherapy and alternative medicine is Dr. Sarita Jain. She has also been the guide in the formulation of the VedaEarth range of oils. Dr. Sarita Jain, with a doctorate in Acupuncture, has been practicing since 1999. She has been an aroma and beauty therapy practitioner since 1989, and her example and therapies have been a strong influence for the founders. Thus, with a renewed purpose and strong belief in the power of nature came about the healing, soothing, and beneficial bounty that is Aromatherapy and Ayurveda. When these two were combined using innovative and modern methodologies, VedaEarth was born.

VedaEarth is a new brand that harnesses the collective wisdom and goodness of nature – Ayurveda, Aromatherapy, and traditions of yore, to create a vibrant, innovative, exclusive range of products. The products offer healing, benefit, and beauty. Beauty is inherent, and the brand believes that the products will redefine beautiful, by making you feel beautiful – and thus, look it too!
VedaEarth brings a contemporary twist to the classics, by taking traditional and sometimes almost medicinal concepts and remedies and giving them a modern makeover. We create products for the savvy, conscious and conscientious consumer of today. Their products are multi-dimensional in nature. You’ll find goodness and benefit for various concerns – in each and every bottle.
All VedaEarth products are 100% vegan. In addition to being vegetarian, they do not use any other animal products or by-products such as eggs, dairy products, honey, lanolin, beeswax and silk. The brand is completely against cruelty to animals hence they do not test their products on animals. All the products nourish, moisturize, and hydrate so you get healthier skin and hair.
Starting from chemical free bath salts to a range of oils that are formed using the aromatherapy for hair, body and in most ways the soul!

Recreate your beauty with the power of Aromatherapy And Ayurveda through VedaEarth products available at

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