Tyranny Of Choice

Imagine walking into a huge mall, packed with lots and lots of shops and boutiques. Your first instinct is that you are going to burn a big fat hole in your pocket, because let’s face it, it all looks divine. You are sure to come out a winner.


As soon as you enter the first shop, your expectations start going down south! In the maze that is the mall, you encounter products going from one aisle to another, and upon further inspection, you realize that there is nothing that really catches your eye. And if something does, you start thinking what if you find a better piece someplace else. You trust your instinct and decide to keep looking.

You enter another store, with the same gusto you did the first one. You look, you like, you can’t decide. It doesn’t matter if it is a dress, a pair of shoes or a perfume. By mid-day you realise the whole charade is a vicious circle. It goes on and on, until at last the day ends in a complete and utter failure and you come home with a pair of shoes you are not even excited about wearing anytime soon. And then on another day, you do a repeat telecast of the same episode in front of your computer. The results don’t vary much!

Sounds Familiar? That’s because we have all been there! How many times have our enthusiastic selves been reduced to “I give up, i can’t do this anymore”. Be it virtual or in person, we have all experienced this. We like a product, we compare it on various competitor websites, we add it to our cart and then it just lies there until we are bored of it and can’t bear to see it because we’ve seen a million other better things. We just can’t make up our minds.

That, my dear friends is what scientists call “The Tyranny of Choice”

The tyranny of choice is an actual, real-world phenomena. It is just that we are so busy with our heads buried in our phones and computers that we never notice it. But we have all felt that uneasiness that comes with it. It is something that is not deniable and exists on a day to day basis.


It is a scientific fact that if someone asks you to choose between 3-4 items you may end up loving all of them, or at least one, but if you have to choose from a hundred you may not like even one. That is because, although your brain can process so many things at the same time, the more options you give it, the more indecisive it becomes. And that is not just true of products or things. Restaurant aggregators who list down all the great eateries for you to order online also end up confusing you, at the end of which you settle on a humble vada pav.

Too much is never a good option. Often than not, too many choices may mar your appetite, whether it is a shopping appetite or an eating one. And at one point, you end up thinking; wouldn’t it be nice if life were as simple as it was before the Y2K revolution. You had a favorite shop, a favorite restaurant and that was all you needed.

Well, what if you sent out a signal to the universe so hard that it actually decided to listen to you. At Qtrove, we endeavor to take you back to basics, but in our own elegant way! Back to a simpler time, where you found only a few, but the very best of products under one roof! At Qtrove, we are a team of enthu shoppers who have lost our faith in this beautiful gift of the internet. We are tired of having our hearts broken again and again from being unable to shop in peace. And let’s face it, there is no avoiding the concrete jungles of the shopping malls, each competing to be the next “biggest one in the country”. We desire the simplicity of maa ke haath ka khaana, since that is the only way we can get through a life with our noses in our computers. So we decided to bring only a few, hand-picked products which we know you will instantly love, which will not burn a hole in your pocket, and which, most importantly, won’t take away a large part of your day!

So while the whole e-commerce world dishes up a million products which leave you clueless, at Qtrove you’ll find may be 10000! And each category will only offer a few, hand-picked, undeniably awesome products that you would love to own! If you desire something edgy, something that’s not run-off-the-mill, something that is a connoisseur delight, Qtrove is your place.

Qtrove is the future of systematic, old-school (often missed and desired by many), one stop, painstakingly curated online marketplace. Don’t believe me? Scroll through our products. Keep that credit card ready because you will finally love to, and want to buy the whole shop. Ready, get set, Qtrove!!!

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