This is the question everyone has faced within their dating lives’. The heart beating fast the pumped-up emotions when you see him/her have trouble which feeling is that or is that the feeling that will stay for long or is just in the heat of the moment. Seeing that person may give you happiness at the most but, is that what you call love or it’s just a phase or specifically called infatuation. The path to love is called infatuation hence the confusion in finding the real meaning of your thoughts and feelings.

Here are some tips that will give a sense of your feeling.

If you are just meeting him/her and getting to know more about their life’s and you find them attractive then that is a sign of infatuation. Whereas, love is something that may start to blossom at the start of a relationship but it truly bonds into love when this feeling of attraction never seems to lessen but keeps on growing with time and closeness developed when getting to know more about the significant other.

You are easily able to identify the attraction feeling that is just physical or based on some other distinct quality then it is a sign of pure infatuation, love prevails when you know more than just what’s on the outside you know the person more than they do, you observe every little activity they do and those little things that make you want to be more with that person is the feeling we all are searching for is called love.

The feelings that you have for that person would make you feel composed is when you are in love with him or her, as in the case with infatuations there are hardly any feelings just desires and fantasies that just need to be satisfied and are short-lived. When you look at him or her your feelings may feel inconsiderate and have no reason but just lust and desire but when in love your feelings are a mix of love lust understanding and a lot more deeper feelings that actually relate and feel right.

Infatuation is more likely another face of obsession or like a prized possession you want to have it no matter what the consequences but once acclaimed then its an old story that you would never look back to, the complete opposite happens when people are truly in love they look back to the beautiful memories they had that brought on to their promising future with gaining love and more trust for each other on the way and getting to know more about the significant other. When in true love you feel energetic and happier than usual and are looking forward to meeting more and more with that person you love so much but with infatuation all it does is drives you crazy by just thinking more and more about her or him and going nuts with the thoughts that would actually provide satisfaction when the goal is achieved.

When you are infatuated with a person the thought or the wait for sex becomes irresistible and only build up to the actual point of consummation. When sex comes after love happens it is on another level that you can’t fathom, and that intimacy has more flame than infatuation and is more passionate which in result stays close to your heart and that burns a hole in your memory. Love will build you more as a person that you can feel when together with the significant other but with infatuation, you will feel shallower and is self-explanatory of which road you want to choose and how you want your road to be.

Some people are successful in converting their infatuation into love but that is how you result into by taking things slowly and through the long roads by getting each and every prospect in your relation to saturate until you evolve from just being a fling to forever being together. For love has no boundaries or any requirements all it requires is the heart and ability to love a person more than just yourself, completely opposite is the case of infatuation you are always attracted to the person on a first impression basis, you are not aware of the flaws they carry and the lies they bear. But a person in love knows all about him or her and decides to still continue to love him or her as one does not expect anything but love.

Infatuation has expectations that the guy is rich and handsome which makes him someone you would like to hang out with, but with love as said earlier there are no rules and conditions it happens to whoever it may concern they feelings of heart cannot be manipulated with the bank balance or the looks it all has to come from the inside and the person should accept him or her for just who they are and not what they can bring or afford. Being attracted to a person makes you more of a competitive mode where all you think of is materialistic, love is intangible, and though not visible it has the strongest of the bonds that a couple can build in a relationship.

Love at first sight and is just the soft explanation of infatuation most relationships start with the initial attraction, important  is the part where the relation survives long after the infatuation feeling is long gone and the two people are still together that bond they develop in that time period is the name you give love, you cant just not make time pass with just one person you had infatuated, there is more to that feeling which has made you stay along with the person, subconsciously you are in love with him or her it’s just that you have not yet accepted it and are not aware of the fact that this feeling is called love as they say love has to happen if the feelings are mutual.


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