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Top 10 Benefits of Eucalyptus Essential Oil You Should Know

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The eucalyptus tree, native to Australia, is also locally known as the Tasmanian Blue Gum. It has now spread to other areas such as Asia and India. As you would’ve guessed by now, this is how we get eucalyptus oil, which is an essential oil that has medicinal properties. These properties and their health benefits are extremely well known and, which is why eucalyptus oil is gaining more in popularity. Properties include anti-inflammatory, antispasmodic, decongestant, deodorant, antiseptic and antibacterial.

So, let’s get into the the top 10 benefits of eucalyptus essential oil and why you need to invest in some right away!

  1. Common Cold & Flu

Eucalyptus can be used as an expectorant, as it can free your body of toxins and harmful elements that make you unwell. For a cold, the best method of using eucalyptus oil is to put a few drops into a diffuser before you go to sleep. Alternatively, you could try the age old steam inhalation that never fails in providing some relief. All you have to do is take a bowl of boiling water, mix in a generous amount of eucalyptus oil drops, grab a towel, cover your head with it, and inhale the steam for as long as you can. A minimum of 5 minutes is a must.


  1. Treatment for Sinus


NYU medical school conducted a study that suggests how effective eucalyptus oil is at treating sinuses. The study required participants to ingest the oil while also using it as a gargle, as it clears your throat. Another study (published in Laryngoscope, 2014) states that eucalyptus oil works well while treating a non-bacterial sinus. Patients showed improvement when they were given medicines that contained eucalyptus oil. For example, the best way to treat a sore throat is to make a gargle mixture that includes eucalyptus oil and warm water.

  1. Hair Treatments


Looking for dry hair solutions? Does your hair need a moisturising pick me up? Eucalyptus oil mixed with coconut oil or even olive oil will definitely do the trick! Not only does eucalyptus moisturise your hair, it also aids in decreasing dandruff and scalp itchiness and fights off lice. Due to it’s natural element, this is gentler on your hair, as opposed to the harsh chemicals in shampoos and other treatments.

  1. Removes Odour


Most people in their daily lives come face to face with some odour or the other, be it dirty shoes and socks or your dog’s bed, but don’t worry because eucalyptus oil is here to help. To remove foul smells, topically wash the offensive smelling object with a cloth soaked in water and eucalyptus oil. Then leave it out in the sun to dry. You could also make a spray by mixing eucalyptus oil with lemon oil or tea tree oil, which will help odours.

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