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Three Best Diwali Gifts For Your Female Employees

Three best Diwali gifts for your female employees

Diwali or Deepavali is traditionally known as the festival of lights. It celebrates the fight of good over evil, light over darkness, hope over despair, India over Pakistan etc. You get the hint 🙂


But closer to home, Diwali has been associated as gifting people with products they can typically indulge in. Sweets are a big favorite across India. Another popular category that is gaining popularity is personal care and bath products. Amidst all these options, what do you gift your female employees at your workplace so that they truly feel like you have put some thought into their gift this year. How about these three options?


Option 1: A collection of Dark chocolate products


Science keeps rubbing it in our face over and over again that Dark Chocolate (60% cocoa content and higher) is greatly beneficial to your health. Added is the fact that all the products sold on Qtrove are free of any harmful chemicals or artificial preservatives. If you haven’t heard of Couverture chocolates, then you are truly missing out on something big! These are chocolates that contain only Cocoa, Cocoa butter and Sugar. All the other unpronounceable terms you find in store bought chocolates are terrible for you!


So give your employees the gift of health this year with our nicely curated chocolate hamper. With a combination of decadent fudge, dark chocolate demerara sugar, tea infused with dark chocolate and of course, 99% dark chocolate, it’s a pretty sweet deal!


Dark Passions gift hamper on Qtrove.com

Option 2: Gifting her a spa experience from the comfort of her home


If you know your women employees well at all, or women in general for that matter, you will know that they love to pamper themselves. And they truly deserve it. Between taking care of their family, and churning out day after day of productive work at your office, it is only fair that they get to treat their tired bodies to some rejuvenation.


It just so happens that Qtrove has put together a kit of products that helps take care of your employee’s tired feet, and remove some of that visible exhaustion from her face. This gift hamper is actually part of a recommended monthly purchase from Qtrove. So not just are you giving your employee a gift, you are also introducing her to a special monthly ritual!


And do remember that these products are 100% natural, handmade and free of any of the harsh chemicals that are present in products manufactured by the large FMCG companies.




Her Spa Needs monthly kit on Qtrove.com



Option 3: A clean house helps inculcate a clean mind


As we mentioned earlier, your valuable women employees may very well have the task of taking care of a home in addition to taking your company to new heights. From ensuring her family has clean clothes to wear, to making sure the dirty dishes have been taken care of and the floor doesn’t have any dirt or stains on it, the superwoman of today definitely juggles a lot of household chores.


The important thing to let her know though that the products she is using for her clothes, dishes and floor are not necessarily good for her precious family or the environment in general. Loaded with chemicals and surfactants, the large corporations have convinced everyone through crafty advertisement that their products are good for you. Think about this instead. A laundry soap/powder made from soap nuts. Dishwashing liquid made from soap nut extracts and tamarind. And floor cleaners without any phenyl in them. Sounds too good to be true? How about the fact that this kit of household products has a hand-wash too that contains no triclosan, a chemical present in every hand-wash available in the market and which is directly linked to cancer.


Another nice touch to this kit would be the fact that Dhanteras, a special day that is celebrated prior to Diwali, also involves a lot of cleaning around the house. What better way to get your employees to start adopting a healthier environment at home than gifting them this lovely kit.



Spick and Span monthly kit on Qtrove.com


So there we go. With great difficulty, we have narrowed down just three awesome gifts you can give your female employees. It helped that each of these gifts had multiple products in them. Which means more awesomeness!

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