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Catch the Curator #9 – Sonal Guru | Veda Essence

VedaEssence – The Quest of a Mother to Give Her Child the Best

Meet Sonal Guru, the founder of VedaEssence, which she describes as “the quest of a mother to get her child the best possible skincare without harmful chemicals.”

Sonal Guru, a research professional formed VedaEssence to present everyone with the bountiful of nature’s goodness in the form of naturally-formulated skincare products. She added, “Globalization has taken us to a completely different level from where we aren’t able to comprehend the richness of our own heritage: Ayurveda. Our intent at VedaEssence is to bring the wealth of Ayurveda back to people like you, me and everyone through our products.”

Globalization has indeed captivated us strongly. She is so right. Let’s hear some pearls of wisdom from the lady whose love for tradition and traditional practices is really admirable.

How did the idea of forming VedaEssence come to your mind?

I was actually looking for some effective, yet gentle skincare products for my son. But, after meandering through several shops, I couldn’t find a single product that I can confidently take off the shelf. This was really shocking and angered me like anything and I ran to the ‘World Wide Web’ for help. It was nothing, but an unsuspecting desire to know how our ancestors cleansed and pampered themselves when there were no artificially-processed toiletries available.

After leafing through a number of articles on ‘hows’ and ‘whys’ of ancient skincare, some long-forgotten natural formulations came to light that read ‘body cleansers out of oils.’ You heard it right, cleansers made from oils without chemicals, parabens, SLS’s, additives and artificially made colors: only natural and wholesome ingredients. This somehow touched me deeply and the idea of VedaEssence came to my mind.


Tell us something about your range and bestselling products…

We specialize in cold process natural oil based cleansers and bring to you more than 30 variants of soaps where each product is specially curated to address a different need according to skin type. Our product range encompasses handcrafted soaps, mini soaps, body butters, body oils and mom & baby skincare items.

Our bestsellers include – Handmade Natural Moisturizing Aloe Vera Jasmine Soap, Veda Organic Soaps Combo, Sandalwood Soap and Skin Cream for Couple, Handmade Natural Aromatic Lemongrass Shea Butter Clove, Veda Love thy Skin Combo for Combination Skin.

What makes VedaEssence different?

Natural’, ‘Handcrafted’ and ‘Beneficial’, these three features set us apart from the crowd.

Our products are completely ‘Natural’ and formulated with ingredients obtained from mother nature. At VedaEssence, our main objective is to monitor what goes into the products we make. Our products are absolutely chemical-free with no trace of artificial fragrance, colors, parabens, sulphates, urea, glycol, propylene and petrochemicals.

We don’t incorporate any machinery into the making of our products. All our products are ‘Handcrafted’. That’s the essence of our products at VedaEssence. Our products are carefully designed to meet your everyday skincare requirements.

Veda’s products boast of being made from highly effective natural ingredients that are ‘Beneficial’ for your skin. It includes – olive oil, sweet almond oil, jojoba oil, lemongrass, tulsi, neem, sandalwood, rose, ylang ylang, chamomile, cinnamon, cedar, rosehip oil, avocado, turmeric, shea butter and so on…

One last question, what’s your philosophy at VedaEssence?

Well, we believe in providing the best to our customers and that’s our philosophy.

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  • Great going Sonal Guru! The products are awesome!!!


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