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The Hippie Food By Purple Hippie Granola

With the popularity of Granola catching up today due to our fast paced lives, the most common notion is that Granola and Granola bars are a new age thing. But this is not true.

Granola has been popular as the ‘hippie’ food especially during the 60’s. First known under the name of Granula by Dr. James C. Jackson of Dansville, New York, this nutty breakfast was reformed and renamed as Granola by the famous breakfast brand – Kellogg.

Granula, as Dr. James named it, was predominantly used in health spas  which looked like an oversized grape-nuts, later John Harvey Kellogg from the Kellogg brand, morphed the recipe into a flaked cereal made of corn and called as Corn Flakes. Jonh Harvey changed the name to Granola to avoid legal problems with Dr. Jackson.

In the early 1960’s a few fruits and nuts were thrown into this Granola to make it more nutritious and the new recipe grew popular thanks to the Hippie Movement. Around this period, the recipe went through various alterations and customizations according to individual tastes. Layton Gentry better known as “Jonny Granola Seed” claimed to have invented a Granola recipe using rolled oats. On the basis of this claim, he went on to sell the rights to this recipe to Sovex Natural Foods. Finally, Pet Incorporated introduced Heartland Natural Cereal, the first major commercial granola, after which, many companies like Quaker and McKee Foods followed suit.

Today Granola is a breakfast essential not only in the western countries but in India too. Most studies show that U.S.A is still the highest consumer of Granola. India has managed to use this high fiber breakfast to their liking, you will find chat masala granolas to sweet pan flavors of it. Apart from the many health benefits, Granolas are famous today because they are energy on the go. No fuss granola bars have a decent shelf life and are largely used by travellers and bikers who are on the road for days on end without too much baggage to rely on.

Purple Hippe Granola – a small brand formulated on the ideals of health was born with a sole purpose to bring back the lost focus – health! Carrying forward the age old ‘hippie food’ Purple Hippe Granola is the right crunch to munch!

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