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Catch the Curator #5 – Adithya Bhargava | The Little Farm Co.

Taste the Passion for Pickling with The Little Farm Co.

Meet Vikram Bhargava, whose undying passion for pickling laid the foundation stone of The Little Farm Co., a shop where everything is handpicked, fresh and natural with no hint of artificiality.

Adithya, an MBA from the United States of America has always been enticed by the Farm-to- Table concept, a farming approach that is based on sourcing naturally and locally grown food products and further using them for producing various items. “Farm-to- Table concept sits at the heart of The Little Farm Co”, says the Co-founder.

He also added, “Every brand claims to be the best in the market. But, we have travelled extra miles to justify our claims. The Little Farm Co owns around 400 acres of land in Madhya Pradesh where we grow our own raw materials including, fruit, vegetables, oils and spices to produce absolutely handmade pickles that will remind you of the same old taste of the pickles made by your daadis and naanis.

What a passion for pickling, indeed! Let’s listen straight from Adithya’s mouth:

Why the Little Farm Co?

Before actually getting started with The Little Farm Co, we conducted a market survey and the results showed us something that we were ‘more or less’ sure about. Most of the pickles available in the market are made using machines and are loaded with artificial preservatives and additives. Although these have a longer shelf life in comparison to the handmade ones, they lack ‘that’ nostalgic appeal and taste. Hence, the Little Farm Co, the shop where farm fresh and handpicked is the mantra.



Tell us something about your farm…

Our farm is located in a remote village called Paharapurwa in Madhya Pradesh. It’s embraced by water bodies on the two sides, one side is a local river which local people call Khudar and on the other side is a government canal. Our farm is completely fenced and free from every kind of pollution. Also, the entire vicinity of our farm is free from flies, mosquitoes and insects. We do get to see them during the monsoons, but during that period, no pickles are made. At the Little Farm Co, hygiene is our topmost priority.

What’s unique about your pickles?

The raw materials we use for pickling: fruits and vegetables, are plucked ‘ripe’ 2 hours before getting processed. We do not use any artificial ripening agent. We even produce spices and oils at our farm only.

Is the Little Farm Co. all about pickles?

Yes, we basically deal in pickles, but our range of products also includes marmalades and super-foods like Flax Seeds, chia seeds, muskmelon seeds, pumpkin seeds, dried blueberries, dried mixed berries, etc.

You said, you grow your own raw materials and don’t use any kind of chemicals,right? What about the seasonal produces then?

Ah, fair point. Yes, we do it on our own and don’t add any preservatives. Therefore, some of our products are seasonal in nature with shelf life of 6 months or less.

Finally, for who do you make your products?

The products from The Little Farm Co. are for you and everybody who loves the authentic taste of pickles.

To buy these natural, handmade and super tasty pickles from the Little Farm Co, visit


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