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Special Feature: Nikaara on Qtrove

In June 2011, Shalini and Tarun trailed through Indonesia and Thailand, discovering a new world of art and décor in the nooks and crannies of Asia. What they found was a vast range of designs that suited different tastes. Upon deciding to share their findings with the world, they launched a brand that offers limited collections of artisanal décor.

Qtrove is happy to introduce Nikaara!  

How is the selection curated?

Each product offered by Nikaara is chosen with care. Nikaara aims to showcase individual artisans, families, and small businesses around the world to encourage employment and sustainability in their community. Nikaara’s complete range is handpicked from the homes and factories of talented artisans across Indonesia, Thailand, Vietnam, and other transit countries. The best ones are then shipped to Bangalore!

Nikaara’s exquisite collection on Qtrove

Nikaara focuses on showcasing handmade, natural products sourced from sustainable practices. Finding inspiration from their holidays around the world, Shalini and Tarun introduced exclusive artistic décor that’s hard to find anywhere else in the city. From wall hangings and lamps to bottle holders and figurines – they have it all! In fact, their unique range covers every facet of home décor. This collection will surely delight the art connoisseur in you.


Light up the room with artsy lamps

Nikaara’s range of exquisitely designed lamps are handcrafted with all-natural materials such as glass, bamboo, wood chips, resin, and peepul leaves. One of their more popular products is the handmade All That Glitters floor lamp. Designed with lightweight steel, natural bamboo, and glass, it will make any room look cozier instantly.


Spark the inner romantic with candle holders

Set the right mood for an intimate evening with contemporary candle holders from Nikaara. This collection includes handcrafted stands made from wood, glass, and metal in a plethora of design inspirations – you’re bound to find anything from modern minimalism to quintessential Arabian inspirations. The Arabian Fantasy candle holder is inspired by traditional Middle Eastern lanterns. With intricate metal carvings adorning the glass and metal body, this sturdy table-top candle holder is the perfect addition to a romantic candlelit meal.


Entertain in style with chic bottle holders

If you host parties regularly, a few statement pieces in your home can liven up your space and give your guests something to talk about! This collection will refresh and enhance your home decor, making it a stylish venue for parties and get-togethers. One of Nikaara’s most impressive products in this category is the Elephant in the Room bottle holder. Hand carved from wood, this elegant bottle holder is made to be admired. In addition, the range also includes modern and abstract designs that blend effortlessly with any theme of decor.


Reimagine your home with unique figurines

Change the way you think of home décor with Nikaara’s range of intricately hand-carved figurines in metal and wood. If you’re looking for spiritual inspiration in your home, your best choice is the Buddha in Tranquility. Carved from exotic Indonesian Teak Wood – with careful attention to detail – this figurine perfectly captures the essence of peace and tranquility.

elephants-wall-hangingAdorn your walls with stunning art

Show off your hidden connoisseur by displaying chic, handcrafted wall hangings exclusive to the brand. Elephants in My Home is a sophisticated and minimalist piece made from wood. The smooth finish and the black grain allows it to blend with seamlessly with other decor.


If you’re thinking of redecorating your home or simply want to refresh your décor, Nikaara has a diverse range that combines style and value with functionality and resilience. Explore the entire range on Qtrove today!


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