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Special Feature: Nature In A Bottle on Qtrove

If regular, over-the-counter sugary jams and jellies just aren’t your thing anymore and you find yourself craving more mature flavors, we’ve found just the right alternative.

Say hello to Nature In A Bottle.

The brain behind Nature In A Bottle


It all started with a book. Michael Pollan’s Food Rules: An Eater’s Manual, to be specific. Engineer-turned-entrepreneur Hema Mahesh says the book changed her life because it made her realize how unnatural our daily foods are — full of preservatives and additives. The further discovery led to the conclusion that there weren’t many natural alternatives in the market. This led Hema to embark on a quest to provide wholesome, natural products with a strong emphasis on easily sourced materials and ingredients.

The taste twist

Hema takes everyday ingredients and turns them into something magical, pairing seemingly incompatible flavors. Since 2011, Hema has been experimenting with sweet and spicy components to create an end result that is exclusive (and very delicious!). Nature In A Bottle offers over 30 varieties of jams, including Apple Dates Orange and Tropical Twist (kiwi and jalapeno), as well as the rich Jack of Hearts (jackfruit) and Peppered Piper sauce.

Just how nature intended it

Whatever goes into Nature In A Bottle’s jars is 100% natural. Take for instance the humble orange — a prominent ingredient in most of their jams, thanks to its natural preservative characteristics. The team sources Kashmiri apples, which are rich in pectin, to give those delightful jams their rich texture the au naturel way.

Diversifying into other delectables

Nature In A Bottle also offers a range of creative, tasty confectionaries such as traditional Bundt cakes with fruits and spices, as well as the heavenly chocolate fudge sauce and Joie de caramel.


  • Divine intervention

A healthy snack like no other, Spirited Ambrosia is sure to transport your taste buds straight to heaven. Savor the complex flavors of soft prunes, gently marinated in orange juice and stewed with dates and spices. Slap it onto a thinly sliced baguette, throw on a slice of nutty cheese, or even serve it with a side of cold cuts.


  • Double trouble

Belgian chocolate meets cream in River o’Chocoa aka double chocolate fudge — the perfect accompaniment to a large bowl of vanilla ice cream or a scrumptious Bundt cake. For those who like it the old’ fashioned way, there’s always the humble slice of bread. Or better still, the ubiquitous spoon-to-jar-to-mouth routine. Nutella, who?


  • Tango for your taste buds

Nature In A Bottle’s signature salsa, Salsa Tango – Chipotle Salsa, is the life partner your nachos have been looking for their whole lives! An equal match made in heaven is this smoky, spicy salsa when paired with your favorite meat dish.


  • Joy of life

Next-level salted caramel, Joie de Caramel sauce combines the time-tested flavors of butter, sugar, and sea salt. Drizzle dollops of this liquid manna from heaven onto a scoop of ice cream or a freshly baked apple crumble. Uplift the simple chocolate brownie or humble apple pie with a generous helping of this sauce.


  • Bring on the tang

Move over, tomato sauce. There’s a new favorite in town. With Tangy Tamatar Jam, experience the best of both worlds. Sugar, spice, and a whole lotta nice, this sweet and spicy jam goes beautifully with parathas, sandwiches, papads, or as a relish with your meal.

Nature In A Bottle represents everything that is good and natural, just the way Founder Hema Mahesh intended it. Bid those run-of-the-mill jams and sauces goodbye and embrace the preservative-free way of living. Explore the entire range on Qtrove today!

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