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Special Feature: Lluvia Bakery on Qtrove

Special Feature: Lluvia Bakery on Qtrove

When you’ve already explored and exhausted the neighborhood’s bakeries and eateries, there’s only one thing to do — bake at home! This is exactly what Durga Menon did.

After living the good life with a comfortable IT job in the US for 12 years, Durga decided to make a radical shift and open a bakery like no other — organic, healthy, and preservative-free. Although not a seasoned baker at the time, Durga tried her hand at a wide variety of baked goods that received great praise at home and among friends. She found inspiration from her childhood — in her mother’s special birthday cakes — and channeled it onto a path that would change her life.

Qtrove is proud to present Lluvia Bakery.

Lluvia’s journey: From inception to execution


The idea for Lluvia arose from a simple desire — to make delicious, healthy baked goodies for the entire family. After becoming an experienced home baker, she took tutelage under pastry chefs and other experts in Seattle. And soon, a hobby became a passion. Durga was so motivated to explore, study, and refine whole-wheat baking, that she often spent many a late evening observing production lines.



Durga finally moved back to Bangalore after 12 years away from India. By then, she had mastered the art of crafting dense, earthy bread packed with flavor and health. She met a fair share of skeptics when she decided to address the lack of whole-wheat options in the city. And surrounded by established commercial bakeries all over Bangalore, the task was only more daunting. The prospect of selling artisanal, whole-wheat bread kneaded by hand and baked in small batches was a tough egg to crack. But her risk eventually paid off.

Her baking prowess was soon recognized. In a short span, Lluvia Bakery went from strength to strength, receiving an overwhelming response from health lovers and food aficionados alike! Bangalore was truly the perfect place to start.

Taking the healthier route

Used to buying bread off the rack, the idea of waiting a few days after ordering was very new to customers in Bangalore. Moreover, the word ‘bakery’ was rarely associated with ‘artisanal’. But once the benefits of choosing a whole-wheat alternative became clear, customers in Bangalore took to Lluvia Bakery like bees to honey. It is now becoming increasingly popular, owing largely to its natural, organic, and preservative-free products.

The range at Lluvia Bakery


What started out as a small range of homemade bread soon expanded to an extensive selection of baked goods. From snack bars and tea cakes to cookies and pound cake – Lluvia Bakery has it all!

  • The more the berrier

Fresh, exotic seasonal berries are a rare treat for pastry aficionados in Bangalore and this is where Lluvia excels. Baked goods made with generous portions of blueberries, cranberries and black currants rank among their most popular choices. If you’re a berry lover, try the Cranberry White Chocolate Cookies made with dried tart cranberries and organic whole wheat. You’ll love the way this cookie crumbles!

Craving something a little more interesting? Check out the Blackcurrant Granola Bars – a sweet and lemony treat packed with flavor and healthy goodness. Made from oats, whole wheat flour, organic jaggery, and blackcurrants, this low-fat snack is the answer to your mid-day hunger pangs.

  • Treats from around the world

Lluvia Bakery also has an impressive selection of unique goodies from around the world that will surprise you. Having sourced special recipes from Italy, Norway, and the UK, Lluvia offers baked delights like citrus scones, coconut macaroons, fruit biscotti, and Scandinavian Tea Biscuits.

  • Savoring the savory

If you thought Lluvia Bakery is just for people with a special love for sugar, you’re wrong! Apart from their exhaustive range of baked sweet goods, they also sell delicious savory products such as their exquisite Cherry Tomato Herb Focaccia. This simple, delicious dish layers a handmade focaccia with spicy jalapeno, succulent cherry tomatoes, and a beautiful blend of classic Italian herbs like thyme and dried basil. If you love the cheesy side of life, don’t miss the Basil Cheese Bread either.

With Lluvia Bakery, it’s time to say no to preservatives and artificial products, and switch to whole wheat alternatives. If you’re looking for something better than what commercial bakeries have to offer, a world of baked treats await you.


From Lluvia, with love!


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