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Special Feature: Essence Vitale on Qtrove

Special Feature: Essence Vitale on Qtrove

When the overly sugary and diluted juices of local fruit shops lose their charm, it is time to find a better, healthier, and a more sustainable alternative. Fret not, for we have found you the perfect one!

We’re talking about Essence Vitale.


The minds behind Essence Vitale

Essence Vitale was the brainchild of two parents — Mahalakshmi and Rajiv — trying to give their kids a better alternative to junk food. At first, it was just about experimenting with different flavors of milkshakes, green juices, and soy milk in their humble home mixer. Soon, their love of experimentation introduced them to other juicing methods like hydraulic press and slow mastication. They realized that cold-pressed juices were better in every way — quality, flavor balance, and shelf life. Sure, it took a little longer to use the hydraulic press than simply throwing ingredients in a blender but the results were truly staggering!

Taking their experience outside the kitchen, they created Essence Vitale to share their newfound knowledge with the world. Initially relying on books, Rajiv and Mahalakshmi were soon joined by Dr. Priyanka Rohatgi to expand their range of creative blended juices.

The process of juicing


All fruits, vegetables, and herbs used by Essence Vitale are sourced from local farmers to support the indigenous community. The produce is sorted and cleaned thoroughly with natural cleansers, before being grouped for manual juicing. The juice is then extracted with a state-of-the-art hydraulic press, packaged, refrigerated, and finally shipped.

The Essence Vitale range on Qtrove

Essence Vitale offers a range of delightful cold-pressed juices made from unusual combinations of fruits, vegetables, herbs, and leafy greens. Each bottle of Essence Vitale’s juice contains one kilo of raw fresh produce!

  •  Add a burst of energy

If you haven’t tried cold-pressed juices before, start small withRookie a set of 3 simple blends. Tropical Tingle, a rich and tangy combination of melon, pineapple, and chia seeds, gives you the right start to the day by boosting your energy and immunity. Cocabana, a creamy and nutty almond-based drink, comes with a refreshing dash of cocoa. Rich in calcium and vitamins, this nourishing drink improves your brain functions. The Eye Opener, a double blast of citrus with orange, lemon, carrots, and apple, gives your mornings a bright start.

  • Give your system a detox

If you’re looking to reinvigorate your body, trySkipper — a set of 3 juices that gives you a burst of energy! Bring It All — a blend of green apple, sweet lime, celery, parsley, and amaranth — is a refreshing earthy juice that boosts your energy and immunity while detoxifying your system. Vandal Buster is a deep, rich combination of beet, carrot, ginger, and lemon — strong flavors delicately balanced to help you feel cleansed and rejuvenated. Additionally, Svelte and Slick is the perfect juice to aid weight loss and improve your hair with its unique combination of amla and ash gourd.

  •  Load up on nutrition

Sophomore, one of the most popular choices on Qtrove, is a delightful combination of 3 very different and unusually blended juices. Soma Badam is a soothing creamy combination of almond nut milk, honey, and dates. If you’re looking for a beverage that’s low in calories and carbs, you’re right on the nose! Scarlet Antox is dominated by the sweet and tangy disposition of pomegranate, watermelon, and mint. When it comes down to minerals and vitamins, this juice promises an impressive dose of nutrients! Munchkins Pepo is nothing short of a miracle tonic, packing beta carotene and vitamins from carrots and pumpkins to help you recuperate after a long workout.

  •  Give your immunity a boost

If you’re all about experimenting with your juices, Two Down One To Go is for you! This set of juices includes an array of interesting combinations you are sure to love. Element Green is a bold, dense, green concoction that will shock your taste buds and leave you wanting more! Made from organic spinach, celery, ginger, and lemon, this earthy juice is uplifted with orange and apple. Summer Solstice is another refreshing drink that can cool your system down, made from an unusual yet surprisingly delicious combination of melon and tomato. Roots Revival is an energetic blend of beets that cleanses and boosts your system.

With Essence Vitale, it’s more than just juice. Offering an easy way to introduce complete nutrition into your diet, we believe that it’s not just about improving your physical health but also emotional vitality.

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