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Catch the Curator #6 – Shruthi | Purple Hippie

Purple Hippie – The Journey of a Fitness Enthusiast from Her Kitchen to Retail

Meet Shruthi, the founder of Purple Hippie, which she calls the love child of her healthy eating habits and passion for spreading the mantra of fitness and joy all over.

Shruthi has always been a fitness enthusiast. Her life has always revolved around things that are related to health and fitness. When asked about the reason behind this passion, she replied, “Health has always been a huge priority to me. It’s the reason why I am here”. In fact, I started my career as a fitness instructor when I was 19. At that time I was pursuing my Bachelor’s degree in Management. My job taught me a number of life skills including the importance of eating healthy. Probably, that somewhere ignited my passion even more.”

Her enthusiasm for health and fitness is certainly commendable. So, here is Shruthi’s story in her own words –

What actually made you found Purple Hippie, your job or some real life experience?

Well, as I said, my job undoubtedly played an important role in my life. But, what actually made me form Purple Hippie is a real life experience.

After having my son, a renewed sense of eating and feeding healthy food started bothering me all day long. Then one day, I realized that the cereals I usually purchase from the stores are highly processed and loaded with tons of corn syrup and other additives. But then, convenience of eating was also there at the back of my mind.  That was the first time I tried my hand at baking my own granola without any processed sugar and saturated fat: just raw organic honey and cold pressed coconut oil.

The final product that came out was highly appreciated by my family and friends and this encouragement gave birth to the concept of Purple Hippie.


Now when Purple Hippie is available online, has anything changed with the recipes?

Yes, now we sell online, but our recipes are completely untouched. We still prepare things like we have always done i.e. in small batches with high quality ingredients and no added preservatives & chemicals.

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Tell us about the ingredients you use

Every ingredient that we use is organic and loaded with multiple nutritional benefits. Some of our commonly used ingredients include – cold pressed coconut oil, millets, oats, cocoa, peanuts, organic honey, sunflower seeds, pumpkin seeds, raisins, flax seeds, cashews, apricots, dates, blackcurrants, clove, cinnamon, sea salt, sesame seeds, poppy seeds and almonds.

So, Purple Hippie’s products have lots of nuts, seeds and dried fruits, right? Is it good for the health?

Thanks for asking this question. It is the right time to bust this myth that having dried fruit & nuts can make you fat and plump. Although the calorie content of nuts and dried fruit is high, but having them in controlled portions can bring along a number of health benefits owing to their healthy monounsaturated and polyunsaturated fat contents. Moreover, the fiber and protein found in nuts can help your tummy feel full thus satisfying your hunger in a better way.

Why only cold pressed coconut oil?

Because cold pressed coconut oil is a perfect antidote to various ailments – preventing heart ailments, high blood pressure, kidney and urinary tract infection, arthritis and even cancer. It also boosts your brain functions and immune system.

One last question, what’s the secret behind the freshness of Purple Hippie’s products?

It’s no secret actually. Purple Hippie is all about bake and serve. As baking preserves the natural goodness of the ingredients we use, our products are always fresh. That’s about it.

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