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Catch the Curator #7 – Joseph Arulraj | PureOnly

PureOnly, the Brand that has Nature in Its Soul

Meet Joseph Arulraj, the founder of PureOnly, which he describes as a ‘Home Grown’ startup brand that has no room for chemicals and mass produced products.

In a market full of chemical-laden skincare brands, PureOnly is like a ray of hope for everyone, especially for the mothers who prefer goodness of nature over harsh chemicals disguising as fancy skincare products. Mr. Joseph says, “I have always heard from my parents that our ancestors used only natural ingredients to bathe and pamper themselves and their babies. In fact, mothers of this generation also look for natural alternatives to mass produced products like soaps and shampoos. Perhaps they have had bad experiences with chemical-based products or perhaps they know how much harm chemicals can do to their child’s skin and overall health. PureOnly is an assurance for all such mothers.”

Quite a sensible thinker! Let’s explore more about PureOnly and its journey from the founder himself –

What or who is the inspiration behind PureOnly?

PureOnly is simply a home grown startup brand with nature in its soul. We started our journey from the backyard of our own ancestral home in a small village of Tamil Nadu. Fascinated by the undocumented natural remedies relayed from one generation to the other by our forefathers, we decided to collect these recipes for the generations to come.

You won’t believe, but it took almost a year to talk to all the ‘grandmothers and great- grandmothers’ of our family. They were more than happy to share their experiences and secrets and knowledge they acquired from their grand and great-grandmothers. We were on the right track.

Once we collected the recipes, we started preparing and using them on ourselves. It continued for almost 2 years. Awestruck by the results, we decided to share them with our relatives, neighbors and friends. The response that we received from them was so very overwhelming that we decided to share the products with everyone and that is when PureOnly was born.

What’s so special about your products?

In our households, there was no space for commercial skincare products. Our ancestors believed in making only pure and natural skincare products. With PureOnly we have tried to keep this spirit alive.

Let’s take an example of our Traditional Head-To- Toe Baby Bath Powder. To prepare this product, first of all, the ingredients are sun dried for about 10 days at a stretch. Once everything has dried properly, we grind them well and finally pack them with all the freshness intact.

What ingredients do you use?

As I told you, all our ingredients are absolutely natural including – dried green gram, dried dal, soapnuts, dried neem leaves, dried fenugreek, dried reetha, dried khus, bunchgrass, vetiver and sweet flag.

Any challenge you came across…

Well, not actually a challenge, but many people often used to ask, if or not our products are safe for babies. What if it causes allergies or any skin infections? At times we felt disappointed to find how people can call natural products harmful when they themselves are soaked completely in chemical-based products. It was kind of a challenge for us initially, but we nailed it effortlessly with our products.

Where do you see PureOnly in the coming years?

We will continue to bring more and more natural goodness from the treasure chest of our ancestors.

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