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Catch the Curator #12 – Sonia Gaikwad | Pratha Naturals

Pratha Naturals, Where Desires Get Wings to Fly

Meet Sonia Gaikwad, the lady who gave wings to her desire and founded Pratha Naturals, a brand she calls ‘Elegantly traditional’.

Sonia, an engineer by profession has worked and lived in many countries across the globe including US, UK and Spain. However, she never allowed her profession to come between her and her desire which had been harboring since long, the desire to start something that she can call her own. The outcome of her insatiable desire and incessant efforts is Pratha Naturals.

So, let’s know more from the lady whose determination is as strong as a mountain and is an inspiration to everyone who wants to chase his/her dreams and desires –

How did the idea of Pratha Naturals come to your mind?

Well, it all started some 22 years ago when I made my first handmade soap for a school project. I still remember how our teacher helped us learn making soaps without using chemicals in a couple of simple steps. At that time, I never knew, in fact, no one did, that it would come this long and I would turn that long-learnt lesson into my own business and name it Pratha Naturals.

When did you launch the brand?

Pratha Naturals saw its first dawn in August 2015, as an all-natural bath, body and spa line based out of Pune.


Tell us something about your Product Philosophy

Elegantly traditional, it is in the core of every product we make at Pratha Naturals. We don’t use chemicals like – preservatives, surfactants, alcohol, artificial colorants, scents and animal fat in any of our products. Our beauty products and hair oils are handmade with completely natural ingredients including – moisturizing butters, potent plant oils, curative natural fruit and plant extracts and herbs. We use cold process method to carve our soap range.

With a team of 8 efficient and hardworking professionals, we make sure that Pratha Naturals’ handmade bathing bars are made in small lots. This reinforces quality and preserves the potency of the ingredients.

What are your bestsellers?

Our hair oil range is especially popular among our customers, especially the Nine 4 U Hair Oil. A blend of 9 effective ingredients, this oil has gained a good deal of appreciation from the users for its considerable effectiveness in fighting hair fall. Also, our extra virgin olive oil soap for babies and Herbs Spice and Salt Scrub are among our bestselling products.

How do you manage to source the ingredients?

The harder you try, the better you get. I believe this idea from the bottom of my heart. What makes me happy is – this philosophy reflects in our product range where the ingredients are sourced from far-flung places to ensure freshness and authenticity.

Can you give us some examples?

Why not? The pure raspberry and Ginsberg extract we use in our soaps is from Korea. Likewise, most of the ingredients are fetched from the places of their origin. Our ingredients and the way we source them make our products different.

What if not Pratha Naturals?

I have nurtured the dream of Pratha Naturals since I was a teenager, although I wasn’t sure about the name at that time. There is actually no point of saying “what if not Pratha Naturals”.

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