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Powerful home remedies for fast weight loss

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Powerful home remedies for fast weight loss

While sitting at a coffee shop yesterday, we all indulged in an interesting discussion on what are the most powerful home remedies for weight loss. Having put on a few extra kilos around the waistline, I too got seriously engaged and starting taking mind notes of the recipes my mates were suggesting. Believe me; it looked like everyone had done a PhD on the subject “fast weight loss at home”. As soon as I came home, I ran to the kitchen and started off with my weight loss regimen without any delay. Today, I would like to share those suggested Powerful home remedies for fast weight loss with you too.

Lemon or Lime with water: Since ages, we have heard how lemons can facilitate weight loss. High in Vitamin C content, the lemon water is believed to stimulate digestive enzymes and help the body burn more fat. According to the authors of the article published in the Journal of the American College of Nutrition, in 2005 vitamin c and flavonoids in lemonade helps the body burn 30 percent more fat during the workout. People with more body weight tend to have lower levels of vitamin C. For proper functioning of the body you need 75 to 90 milligrams a day, and the juice from one lemon has 18 milligrams of vitamin C. Thus its regular intake is highly recommended.

So, take a glass of lukewarm water with half lemon once on an empty stomach in the morning and once in the evening. For great results avoid caffeine/tea with sugar or carbonated drinks and alcohol.

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Fresh Mint Leaves: Mint is a flavourful refreshing herb that is loaded with amazing health benefits. In context with weight loss, it is a secret weapon to combat stomach bloating too. Mint leaves soaked in water and savoured daily will help you get rid of an upset tummy, or IBS. It is definitely a delicious and nutritious way to heal your digestive system and make you feel comfortable. A study conducted by the Maryland Medical Centre concluded that mint could relax the muscles and allow gas to pass, thus reducing bloating considerably; it calms the stomach irritations, improves the flow of bile, and aids symptoms of IBS. Magical isn’t it? You can grow this herb in your kitchen garden and savour it as and when you wish.

Cinnamon and Honey: While we are talking about herbs how can I miss the magical and highly efficient Cinnamon? You might have used it as a dry spice to add flavour to your authentic dishes, but did you know it can help you shed off weight too? Yes, Cinnamon can control insulin levels, decrease blood sugar, speed metabolism, lower LDL cholesterol, and burn belly fat and suppress the appetite. It is incredibly easy to include this super food in your diet. All you need to do is add one stick of cinnamon to water and consume it throughout the day. You can also mix your morning energy cuppa with cinnamon powder and honey. Remember that Rome wasn’t built in a day; hence only regular consumption can give you desired results.

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