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Pickl’ed | Being In A Pickle Has Never Been This Fun!

Food start-up’s just like those that offer fancy cereals for kids, do they really hold any comparison to those that have an ethnic touch? We are talking about a similar concept that stands no competition against the ordinary pickle producers.

An idea that was initially implemented by the very elderly member of the family, that’s the Grandmother – later genetically transferred to the daughter which is successfully been carried out for over 25 years, continuing to expand its operations all across India. Pickl’ed consistently provides everything from their diverse portfolio that ranges from Khatta Kairi Pickle to Lemon Pickle which is majorly demanded and consumed by the Gujrati’s. Also, their list of spices are long ranging from Black Cumin seed to Red chilli powder, Turmeric powder, etc.

Against this, what stands strong is their Garam Masala and the Tea Masala which is on their hit list and the most demanded. The enterprise initially started off with a humble small unit run by the family on the footsteps of the visionary Grandmother. The little enterprise handled by the daughter and grandson strongly believes in maintaining and fulfilling the needs of their customers. Their pickles are of premium quality with absolutely no indulgence of preservatives and yet they easily last for over a year. Pickl’ed is striving strong to make its name and achieve success in the years to come.

Is there a secret recipe here? The traditional touch and the home made recipe make it even more safe and natural with no external hands into the making of the products. The business is completely controlled by the members of the family picking up inspiration from within. It’s a platform where people can shop their preferred pickle or masala or even get it customized in terms of the oil used, ingredients, and the quantity provided.

Pickl’ed, strongly engraved with the values of providing rich quality products are slowly excelling at their customer services also. Considering the delivery provided at PAN India level, the packaging is carried out with utmost care and hygiene factors in mind. Having delivered consistency with their taste and superiority, they’ve successfully crafted a brand identity which is totally unique!

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