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Our Future Is In the Hands of Future Organics

Do you know that 85 percent of human disease can be cured without going to a hospital? Wonder how?

This is exactly what the Future Organics founder – Mr. Dev Kumar Reddy riddled over for a good part of his life. Mr Dev is an ardent follower of Mr. Jiddu Krishnamurti’s philosophies, who always had the vision of being a social entrepreneur.

“We want people to stay nutritionally healthy and happy with an objective to care, protect, value and transmit a healthy lifestyle,” says a charismatic Dev Kumar. Born into an agricultural family in the town of Hosur, Dev finished his Masters in Social Work from Chennai.

A man of many talents, Dev was associated with promoting eco-friendly resorts before he decided to bring organic products to people through his brand – Future Organics. “Majority of the diseases are caused due to the chemicals from pesticides. We use natural pest management to ensure our products are chemical-free,” he explains. Dev believes that for people to stay healthy and have a fulfilling life, they need to consume more organic products.


Natural biodiversity and ecological balance must be maintained for a healthy lifestyle. Inspired by ‘Arogya Rahasya’ by Sri Rajiv Dixit, Future Organics wanted to bring natural traditional nourishment to people to help cure majority diseases and live a healthier life. They have a huge variety of natural sweeteners and honey which are their best-selling products. Nature has always tried to give us the best and it is time that we go back to nature and let the nature keep us healthy!

Dev, along with his team is committed to organic products, and ensures that products offered are completely natural and organic with no pesticides and preservatives.

Apart from consumables, the brand has also taken up skin care products very seriously. They have now come out with an exclusive range of chemical free skin care and oral care products whose base is made of all natural ingredients. Skin care products such as handmade soaps using Ayurveda ingredients to tooth care product with an herbal base, you can be sure to find best of the best here!

We certainly believe that Future Organics has the vision to inculcate the benefits of traditional and organic food and personal care into our lives. Your future is in safe hands with Future Organics

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