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Nothing bonds generations like shared experiences. Be it experiences related to finances or everyday life experiences, each generation has a new discovery made and the further generations go ahead and re-invent the wheel. But some things are best left to our forefathers and it’s wise to go with what has been followed for decades. One such experience that has been followed over by generations is the nourishing homemade skin care recipes.

Development and modern technology has made way for N number of mass produced soaps and body washes specifically for babies which in the long run do more harm than good because they are loaded with chemicals. There is comfort in knowing that what you bathe your little one with is a homemade recipe passed on by generations.

PureOnly is a brand that has created baby bath powders that were used by their grandmothers. The

origin of PureOnly Traditinal Head- To – Toe Bath Powder was first made by the founder’s Grandmother for his mom – Mary Nirmala. Fascinated by the undocumented remedies, she gathered recipes by her ancestors and went about collecting similar recipes used by other mothers. This exciting journey took almost a year to roll out the final product.

There has been no space for commercial soaps and shampoos in this household that believed in creating only pure skin care products. To create this pampering baby bath powder, natural ingredients are dried naturally in sum for about 10 days and the ingredients are then ground finely and packed

This powder has been used by ancestors for babies when there were no commercial soaps and shampoos in the picture. Still many households in India follow these as home remedies. PureOnly add 6 herbal ingredients to this wonderful baby bath powder that include Paasi payaru, Fenugreek, Kadalai, Paruppu, Neem Leaves, dried Boonthikottai and Vettiver. These are dried and grinded to a fine powder and packed.



How does this baby bath powder benefit your baby?


  • Your baby is safe from all the chemicals
  • Leaves your baby’s hair and body soft and smooth.
  • Skin whitening and glowing from Fenugreek.
  • Natural moisturizer and leaves the skin soft with no dryness.
  • Helps in hair growth with the help of dried SoapNut (Reetha) and acts as a natural cleanser for hair from green gram – Vitamin A and C.
  • Doesn’t irritate your infant’s eyes
  • This powder does not produce any lather.


Order this baby bath powder online at Qtrove,com and make bonds last a lifetime!


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