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The world of skin care can be intimidating. Especially when you realize how many chemical ingredients you are slathering on your skin every day. Many commercial shampoos and shower gels work similarly. They make you dependent on them because they strip all of your natural body oils away. This causes your body to overproduce, requiring you to buy more and more of their products. Do I have an option? If this is what you are thinking, the answer is Yes! You can easily go green and chemical-free and get healthier hair and happier skin. Also, switching to greener options serves the dual purpose of having a positive impact on the environment and on your health. That doesn’t mean that the transition doesn’t require a little adjustment. Moving from brands you’ve been using for years can be a little intimidating but once you see the results, you’ll wonder why you didn’t make the change sooner. So, we’ve curated this list of best natural skin care products for you to switch to. Scroll down!

Macadamia Oil & Cedarwood Shampoo

Washing your hair is no big deal, right? That’s true only when you adhere to safe shampoos, free of parabens and sulfates. Despite knowing this, we get brainwashed by fancy shampoo commercials, ignoring the fact that such chemical based hair products might be doing irreparable damage to our hair.

There’s no doubt that sulfate-free, natural shampoos will always be better and ‘em becoming a huge trend is equally reassuring. Which means, there should be no qualms in joining the bandwagon. The best one you should go for is Macadamia Oil & Cedarwood Shampoo – an ultra-rich, low-lather shampoo that gently cleanses and nourishes dry, brittle hair. It restores softness and shine from roots to ends without a heavy product build up. Fortified by moisturizing Himalayan Cedarwood Oil that relieves one of a dry itchy scalp, dandruff, flakes, hair loss, frizz, and breakage from the inside out. This shampoo leaves dry hair feeling luxuriously soft, light, and very manageable. A must try for healthy and fabulous hair.

Volcanic Green Clay and Acai Oil Shampoo

Cleaning all the gunk from your scalp is no easy feat. That’s why most standard shampoos are hijacked with heavy-duty cleansing agents to remove sweat, dead skin, mystery fluff, and other yuckies. On the downside, its intense formula is the main reason why shampoo damages your hair.

Now that you’ve realised the damage popular brands do to your hair, you can avoid falling prey to them by switching to Volcanic Green Clay and Acai Oil Shampoo. It’s a clay-based, oil-balancing hair cleansing product with luscious green hues sourced directly from nature. Earthy, resinous Volcanic Green Clay and Acai Berry Oil are blended together to form this Shampoo. It’s an all-in-one hair care treatment packed with all-natural essential oils which restore healthy sebum and pH balance along with deep cleaning properties, a wise recourse against sulfate laced ones.

Red Volcanic Clay Face Wash

Natural and eco-friendly products are becoming increasingly popular amongst the health and environmentally conscious shoppers of today. This new age craze extends itself to skin care as well. The never-ending struggle of maintaining healthy skin has become a constant battle for many. And the realisation that this is potentially the result of continuous exposure to harmful chemicals in basic skin cleaning products is kicking in rather late which means the issue has to be addressed as quickly. The only way around is to use natural, chemical-free, and clean cosmetics.

When it comes to face washes, Red Volcanic Clay Face Wash is your best bet. This low-foam cleanser helps restore radiance and gives intense moisturization. With red volcanic clay as a key ingredient, it cleans in depth, removes impurities as well as excess sebum and oiliness, tightens pores and prevents the formation of black spots. Best suited for dry skin and surely an all-rounder when it comes to skin care.

Volcanic Green Clay Face Wash

The first step in caring for your skin is cleansing. Dust, perspiration, dirt, and bacteria collect on your skin and make your skin prone to many diseases. This is why your skin requires a thorough cleansing routine. Otherwise, these impurities clog your pores giving way to many skin problems. Natural skin care products do that job pretty well without damaging the skin or the environment.

You can begin the cleansing ritual with Volcanic Green Clay Face Wash. A highly rejuvenating, low-foam face wash built using volcanic green clay sourced from Brazil. This facewash pulls out oil, dust and debris, penetrates pores to eliminate toxins, and prevent the development of new whiteheads, blackheads and acne while allowing the facial skin to heal. This face wash is 100% effective with no trace of chemicals or artificial colours.

Malt Extract and Pepper Vanilla Body Wash

Showering may sound like a small and unassuming task but that’s when you rinse away the grit of the day. Showers let you sink into a true state of relaxation and the experience becomes rewarding for the body when the bath is combined with gentle cleansers made using plant extracts, and pure essential oils with soothing scents.

If you’re someone looking forward to a wholesome bathing experience then we would suggest you go for Malt Extract and Pepper Vanilla Body Wash . It’s a luxurious body wash crafted with rich malt extracts, exquisite black pepper, and vanilla essential oil. These together create a warm, full-bodied fragrance, sweet with a hint of spice that you’re sure to love. All these natural ingredients make this body wash highly moisturizing in nature. It also helps restore the natural oil balance of the body and with it you just won’t procrastinate showers anymore.

Gold Clay Body Wash

Whether for ethical, environmental or health reasons, more people are looking for natural and organic body cleanser. A conscious consumer these days wants to know exactly what’s in the products he/she uses on their skin, where they come from, and makes sure of the fact that they don’t contain any chemical nasties that might cause irritation, or worse. But finding a shower gel that lives up to the standard isn’t easy.

So we went through the trouble on your behalf and scouted the best natural shower gel. Gold Clay Body Wash is heaven in a bottle. Crafted with activated gold clay along with extracts of cedarwood and black pepper, it’s best for toning skin. Also, mild yet spicy fragrance adds a unique character to this indulgent body wash and makes it stand out from the rest.

We hope the above mentioned basic skin essentials will help in making the transition from chemical-laced to chemical-free comparatively easy.

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