Nature’s Superfoods: CHIA SEEDS

We’ve all heard the saying ‘Big things come in small packages’ and this saying perfectly applies to Chia seeds. These tiny black seeds come from the Salvia Hispanica plant (related to mint) and are natively grown in South America. Back in the day, chia seeds were a dietary staple for the Aztecs and the Mayans, thanks to their ability to provide sustainable energy. But this secret couldn’t be held tight for long. Over the years the world figured their secret and soon Chia seeds came to be known as a ‘superfood’! And here the reasons that make it a must-have in your kitchen:

An Exceptional source of Protein: At a rate of 4.5 grams of proteins per ounce, hands down this is by far the best nourishment the vegetarians can have on their platter!

Rich Fibre Content: 11 out of 12 carbs in these seeds are fiber. Instead of binging on bread packets, adopting Chia seeds in your daily diet will candidly ease down the pressure of maintaining the fiber quotient in your meals. Because of large fiber content, it tends to absorb 10 times their weight in water which can help you do an extra mile as it will keep your tummy whole and content.

Anti-oxidant agent:  Chia seeds naturally possess antioxidants that prevent the fats in there from getting rancid which ultimately contribute towards anti-aging perspectives, moreover terminate cancerous molecules from the body.

Complimentary Bone maintenance: With nutrients like calcium, phosphorus, and magnesium you don’t have to worry about the daily intake of dairy products! Sheer relief, we know it! Particularly calcium content is higher in Chia seeds than most of the dairy products available in the market.

Easy to incorporate: Just like water, they can be added to anything thanks to their property of being naturally tasteless. They can be ingrained into almost every recipe in the world. What a win!

Considering all the key nutritional benefits, it appears that the implications would be rather more luring. You definitely don’t want to be missing on that, don’t you? Chia seeds help:

– Decreased risk of diabetes
– Prevent cardiovascular diseases and obesity; improves heart condition
– Promote enhanced digestion and regulates metabolism evenly
– Reduce inflammation
– Stabilize blood sugar level
– Control aging
– And gives you stronger teeth and bones

Whoa! definitely a super duper food! Who wouldn’t love to get their hands on these tiny seeds after learning about the multifarious benefits?

 Now let’s explore the numerous ways these seeds can be consumed!

Chia seeds straight from the farm are capable of being an essential part of any food invention!

– Kick start your day with a bowl of Oatmeal and Peanut butter containing powerful Chia seeds

– Say hello to healthy chutneys to pep-up your snacks.

– Chia seeds right royally replace the usage of eggs, so now vegetarians can be guilt free while being on their diet!

So are you wondering where could you get your hands on these super powerful seeds? Well, at Qtrove shopping for natural products is a breeze and you can buy the organic chia seeds here.

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