National Sugar Cookie Day
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Sugar Cookie Day Special

Hola friends! It’s National Sugar Cookie Day and today it is all about pampering the naughty child in us to celebrate this luscious festival. Cookies are actually obsessive by nature, no one can eat just one! Do you know the reason behind it?

Well, let’s go way way back to the 7th century Persia where the journey of cookies started with the cultivation of sugar and from there onwards, it is the most sought after ally of tea, coffee as well as desserts.

Don’t know the Sugar Cookie Recipe ? –  “HAKUNA MATATA

If you want to make cookies on your own but you don’t know how? HAKUNA MATATA – No Worries, its recipe is really very simple.

The Recipe of the Sugar cookie is paradoxical to its taste. Yes, that’s true, ”the better it tastes, the simpler it is to make”

So, the recipe goes like this: Sugar Cookies are made up of 6 basic ingredients namely sugar, flour, butter, eggs, vanilla and either baking powder or baking soda.They may be shaped by hand or moulds.You can then go on decorating them as per your heart’s desire. Easy, isn’t? Just step into your kitchen, put on your apron & bingo, it is ready in no time!

Qtrove knows your Cookie love very well!

Yes, Qtrove knows how much you love sugar cookies and therefore we are here to serve you this timeless snacking delicacy.

This sugar cookie day, when your tummy cries out loud for Sugar cookies but your body refuses to stand and bake, dwindle your woes and tap your fingers on Qtrove and relish the homemade sugar cookies.

Qtrove provides a wide range of beautiful and delicious homemade sugar cookies from its curated list of handpicked vendor partners. We suggest you few of the best handpicked cookies that you must try once :-

(i)  Eggless Cashew Cookies

(ii) Button Cookies

(iii) Eggless Ragi &Oat Cookies

(iv) Oat & Choco-chip mini Cookies

(v)  Rock Cookies

(vi) Cranberry White Chocolate Cookies


Don’t Stop here! we have many more in store for you. So, surrender yourself to this sweet madness of home baked cookies and spread love.

Cookie for all , Cookie for none !! Celebration

It’s Celebration time. It’s the time to revere the bliss of Sugar Cookies. It’s time to explore what the best hands in the bakery field can cook for you. It’s time to drive through those unforgettable crispy cookies with tea and as a dessert. It’s time to feel the aroma .It’s time to share the joy of cookies. It’s Cookie Love !

So,Come and try the finest crispy,aromatic and superbly delicious handmade cookies along with the love of Qtrove.

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