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My #1 Recipe – The Little Farm Co. – ‘Tis The Season Of Salads

If you’re from a desi household then you’d relate to bringing a jar of pickle along with glasses of water and a jar of salt to the dining table during lunch and dinner. If you’re desi by heart then there’s a good chance you’ve dug into a jar of pickle and added it to your breakfast, slathered it on a toast or a roti or just had it with anything you could find around the house. Although there are tons of pickle-options out there on grocery shelves, the catch for lovers of all things tangy is that no matter how hard they look, the taste of home and home-made pickle is almost next to impossible to achieve.

Here’s where Aditya Bhargava and Niharika Bhargava of The Little Farm Co come in. NRIs who’re desis at heart, their interest in sourcing locally grown food products and using them to come up with new products has given birth to a company that’s been satiating and tingling our taste-buds- all at the same time. While their products are delicious in themselves we were curious to find out what they like gorging on when they’re not busy making things happen behind the scenes.

Here’s their favourite (#1) recipe.

Mandarin lettuce salad:

Ingredients :


1. The Little Farm Co. Mandarin Orange Pickle (As a Salad dressing )

2.The Little Farm Co. : Muskmelon Seeds

3. The Little Farm Co. : Dried Blueberry

4. Some crunchy Purple and Green Lettuce

5. 1 cup of fresh chopped tomatoes

6. Feta cheese


Directions :

1.Arrange the head of the lettuce in a shallow bowl, trimming away any roots or dried stem.

2.Tuck the other ingredients (Tomatoes, Feta cheese) between and under the leaves, or if you’d prefer, pour them over the head of lettuce as you prepare them.

3.Drizzle the Mandarin Orange dressing over the head of the lettuce.

4.Don’t forget to sprinkle on the Dried Blueberry and muskmelon seeds.


At Qtrove, we make sure we give you products that are no less than #1 in taste and quality. If you’re excited to try this recipe, head to for the different elements of this recipe.

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