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Mother’s Day 2018 Gifting Guide

Rudyard Kipling once said, “God could not be everywhere, and therefore he made mothers.” And we couldn’t agree any more. Mums are the backbone of our existence. They are our biggest fans, our loudest cheerleaders, our closest friends, our moral police, and most importantly our biggest support systems.

Each mother’s day you have an opportunity to let your mum know how special she is. So how about taking some time out and planning this out. Skip the last minute card from the nearest Hallmark this year, and get her something thoughtful, something personalized, and/or something useful that she would cherish.

Here are some unique gifting ideas especially for your mom:

For Your Beauty Queen

If your mom loves taking care of her skin and enjoys long baths and loves fruity/floral fragrances, this Bath Needs for Her combo is going to impress her and how! Consisting of nine products, this combo contains all natural and chemical-free bath essentials right from a herb infused hair oil to a 100% biodegradable bamboo toothbrush to a zesty lemon body mist that helps soothe headaches and eliminates fatigue.

The aloe vera soap with French green clay and activated charcoal clears toxins from the skin and helps restore various vitamins, and the chemical-free shampoo is super conditioning and gentle on the skin. An all natural body wash, floral bathing powder, feminine intimate wash, and chocolate lip balm are also included in the pack.

This thoughtfully put together combo is made with products that are chemical-free and better for the skin compared to any store-bought product. You can buy it here

For The Working Mom

If your mom is a working lady and has been taking care of home and her job effortlessly for the past however many years, she deserves to know that you hold her endeavours in high regards. Instead of telling her how proud you are of her professional achievements, show it to her with this hand finished majestic watch. Grace’s intricate design flawlessly beautifies the delicacy of this dual-tone timepiece. A mix of African sandalwood and Maplewood, complemented by the burgundy dial – this piece is immaculate craftsmanship.
Wooden watches are exquisites and age well with time. So, could there be an any better gift for the working mom? We think not!

Get your hands on it here.

For the Mom With A Sweet Tooth

Yes, there is nothing that will replace a pancake breakfast (made just by you) for your sweet loving mom, but if you are not so sure of yourself in the kitchen then go for this luxurious dark chocolate bar combo. Made of pure Belgian couverture chocolates, these bars are handcrafted with unique, delicious flavours, and artistic design. The pack contains three bars, Peppermint & Dark Chocolate, Black Raisin & Dark Chocolate Bar, and Himalayan Pink Salt & 70% Dark Chocolate. With zero preservatives and no added flavours, these bars make great gifts for chocolate lovers.

Get your hands on them here.

If your mom is conscious of her sugar intake or is diabetic, the Artisanal Sugar-free Chocolate Bar set should be your go-to gift for your chocolate loving mom, this Mother’s Day. Made with the finest quality of cocoa beans grown in India, these chocolate bars are low in sugar and rich in antioxidants. They are also free of artificial flavouring and preservatives including soy lecithin, and emulsifiers.

The bars come in four flavours milk, almond, coffee, and sea-salt chilli.

For the Mom Who Loves Her Tea

If your mom is a tea lover like mine, look no further, the Teas for Her by Tea Truck will get her spirits high. Make her blush with luscious strawberries and tangy blackcurrants in green tea, perfect to serve with breakfast in bed. The Berry Blush Green tea infused with real berries will not just be the only thing that will make her pink with motherly love. The pack also comes with a rose infused rich oolong tea, which the Chinese medicine describes as the tea of beauty.


Stock up on these exotic flavours here.

If budget is a little on the higher side add this super chic Glass Tea Pot to your gift and she will be so proud of you every time she makes herself some tea.

For the ‘Art Enthusiast’ Mom

If your mom appreciates the finer things in life and loves art, then getting something decorative will surely do the job. We suggest you pick something handmade like this handpainted Terracotta vase set. Its tapered and round matki shapes with a beautiful Madhubani painting in contrasting colours will add value to any table in the house (including her bedside table).

Here’s where you can get it.


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