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Did you know that most commercially available jams have as less as 15% fruit content, and not necessarily the fruit whose flavour you purchase?

Feel betrayed? Well this is exactly how Suhasini felt the first time she tried the famous Strawberry jam of Mahabaleshwar. All of three, Suhasini’s short trip to the hills with her parents lasted as a foul fish on her taste buds. Thanks to this little director, Konkan Kitchen took shape. For a venture that started with her taste bud, she’s officially too young to be on the board of this Limited Liability Partnership of firm.

After multiple iterations to jams and spreads recipes of multiple fruits in her little home kitchen, Soumi, Suhasini’s mother decided that the next step was to try and bring natural fruit products to more people – more discerning parents and more energetic kids!


Suhasini, the little master chef directs her Mom, Soumi who is the official Director of Operations, from getting the right fruits to canning each batch and shipping it! Other operations are carried out by Suhasini’s dad Gopal, who manages to consume a considerable batch of produce all at once! Suhasini’s Grandma, Sumita and Grandpa Soumitra do the general management. And this is how Konkan Kitchen added more members to its family, making it bigger by adding all sorts of aunts, uncles, and cousins.

The Konkan Kitchen operates in a manner that is fool-proof with food grade stainless steel kitchen, using purified and tested water, fresh and hand selected fruits, face masks, hand gloves, hair nets and the finest refract meter, thermometers and pH meter. The goal for them is to try and stay away from nature’s way of preserving fruits. So when they get you a batch of Kala Jamun this week, it would taste different from the one made last week. For the one that they got last week could be from a farmer in Badlapur and the one that they picked this week could be from Tamil Nadu – different trees, different fruits but the best taste always. Each batch in a saucepan, they stay, observe, and act rather than follow a process and cook. Sometimes art is all about appreciation of the finer things that nature teaches us.

From inimitable spreads such as Dates and Green Apple Spread to the Nagpur Orange Jam, each spoonful of Konkan Kitchen’s Jams and Spreads are sure to make your mornings bloom brighter!

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