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Catch The Curator #2 – Prateek Vaid & Jayesh Mirchandani | Oh Fudge

If it’s Chocolate Fudge, It has to be Oh! Fudge

Chocolate is probably the only thing on the planet to which no one would ever want to say no. Be it someone’s birthday, anniversary or any other special occasion, chocolates always make the best presents. When sad, chocolate, when happy, chocolate, these fudgy temptations have somewhat got connected to our feelings. Isn’t it?

Love Vs Chocolate – What’s your pick?

Chocolates with their melt-in-the-mouth softness, gooeyness, rich and tempting taste can possess all your senses at once. Some people are so much in love with chocolates that they feel these are much better than falling in love. The reason – chocolates love your taste buds unconditionally sans any tantrums.

How about having some sinfully delicious chocolate fudge?

Does anyone here dying to cheat his or her diet just to have a bite? Need not to wait any more, Oh! Fudge, is here to your rescue. Brainchild of Prateek Vaid and Jayesh Mirchandani, Oh! Fudge began its journey around 8 months ago with secret recipe they came across by chance. The recipe was so good that its brain parents felt that it would be a cardinal sin if they don’t share it with the chocolate lovers out there. This laid the foundation of Mumbai’s Oh! Fudge.

All credit goes to Prateek’s mother and her amazing chocolaty recipes and the dedication and passion these two guys have shown till now.

Oh Fudge Qtrove

How they do it?

One of the best things about Oh! Fudge’s recipes are – they are made without using any artificial flavor and preservatives and contain mouthful portions of healthy dry fruits like cashew, walnut, hazelnut, peanut and almond.

Generally, when chocolates are being talked about, most people consider them to be unhealthy owing to the amount of sugar they contain. However, Oh! Fudge strives to bust this thought by preparing super-delicious, yet healthy homemade recipes to satiate the cravings of a chocoholic with the goodness of fruits and nuts.

All products from the kitchen of Oh! Fudge are made 100% vegetarian so that all chocolate lovers, vegetarian or non-vegetarian, can indulge in these sinful temptations without any hesitation. These guys Prateek and Jayesh love experimenting with flavors. Therefore, they try to come up with different types of combination, to make their gooey fudges, not just eatables but something beyond that.

The flavors from Oh! Fudge are not only mouth watering, but are widely assorted. Right from simple and classic chocolate to some trendy combinations with sea salt and peanut butter, the drool-worthy fudges they make can satisfy a chocoholic from within. Oh! Fudge has something for everyone, be it a comfort food lover or someone who loves adventuring with food depending on their mood.

The owners of this chocolaty company are very generous. According to them, when it comes to good food, you should actually share it with the entire world of food lovers. This thought actually paved the way for creation of Oh! Fudge.

All products from Oh! Fudge are homemade with love and care. Also, they won’t burn holes in your pocket. Visit and take some drool-worthy fudges home.


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