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How You Can Use this Valentine’s Day to Close the Chapter of Your Ex Forever

How You Can Use this Valentine’s Day to Close the Chapter of Your Ex Forever

Feeling lonely this Valentine’s Day? Just broke up right? Well don’t let your heart sink, we are here to bring the turmoil of emotions to rest and tell you How You Can Use this Valentine’s Day to Close the Chapter of Your Ex Forever. Yes. Forever!

Falling in love and falling out of it, is never in your hands. But moving on with life and staying happy, always is. So, if you really wish to overcome the bitterness of parting away, 14th February is the day.  But you need to start with the following tips.

Stop Stalking: Though love is in the air and all over social media refrain yourself from stalking. Block your past love on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Live, etc. These channels are a reminder of their life, and you will simply end up hurting yourself all over again.

No heartbreak status updates please: Your social media status update will be read people who hardly know you or even care. Do not make your feelings public; it will only embarrass you later. Hence, do not stress yourself and understand the breakups are part and parcel of life, and you need to take it in a positive stride.

Don’t immediately jump to “Let’s be friends”: This is the most tempting feeling, but you need to REFRAIN from it. Do not agree to stay friends as soon as you break up because it generally does not work that way. They would like to be just friends while you might be looking for more. It is definitely a bad idea dear!

Do NOT drink alone: You really don’t want to get wasted before strangers who might end up leveraging your situation. Thus, if you have this impulse getting drunk then invite friends over. They won’t judge you and understand your situation instead.

Shooting a bullet through the heart is better than drunk texting your ex: Once you are high and all pouty about how much you loved him/her, do not and to make it more clear DO NOT text your ex. They have broken up with you and are clear that they are least interested in your life, so, refrain from getting in touch.

Opt for a rage-based workout: To actually move on you need to get over with all the negative emotions and there is no better way than a workout. Go for sports like kickboxing and believe us at the end of the session you will be extremely relieved.

Go for a post Break-up Vacation: Vacations are always refreshing. Use your breakup as an opportunity to spend some time on a lovely hill station or at your favourite beach. Believe us the fresh air does clear up the head and detangle you from the traumatic feelings.

Vent out your feelings: The more tighten up your grieve, the more it grows. Thus, cry when you need to and only if you are alone or with a very close friend. Crying out loud is cathartic, and it isn’t wise to skip it.

Indulge yourself in work: They say that the sweetest revenge is the success. So pent up all your aggression, hurt and feelings and channelise it to do something very productive. If not work then volunteer for something like a charity campaign or figure out other myriad ways to make your time worthy.  As time will pass, you will thank yourself for doing so.

Read a book or two: Books are indeed a man’s best friend. They have the power to transport you to anytime, zone, or era and help you live a character in your imagination. So pick up a book and fall into another world, and set aside your own heart-wrenching story.

No more “accidental” meeting: Though you know their schedule, places to hang out, workplace or gym do not use it to meet them “accidentally.” It will only portray you as very very desperate, and you have no clue how your ex would react to it. Hence it is important that you do not let yourself feel miserable and all the more unwanted.

Take the breakup cleansing ritual: The best way to heal is pamper yourself and feel good. The breakup cleansing ritual in the form of a bath does work wonders. All you need to do is plunge into your bathtub filled with lukewarm water and bath salt. Turn on the music, light on the candle and remind yourself how strong you are and relax. Feel the water cleanse your mind, body and soul as you experience the negative energy trickling down your body. Once you dry up, apply your favourite aromatic bath oil, massage it gently and let it heal you. This ritual will make you feel good and fresh.

Eat to heal the broken heart: Believe it or not, after time food is the best medicine to treat post-breakup trauma. To start with, savour dark chocolate. Dark chocolate contains 70%cocoa, magnesium, phenylethylamine and anandamide that stimulates Serotonin levels (the feel-good hormone) in the nervous system and improves your mood. The moment you feel depressed, pull out that chocolate pack from your bag and eat the highly efficient post-break up remedy. If you are not a big fan of chocolates, then you can try ice-creams. The fat content in ice cream triggers the “feel good hormones”. Ice creams are rich in tryptophan, a neurotransmitter that boosts serotonin and tyrosine levels to make you feel elated.

Love yourself: Focus on yourself and show some care. If anyone can help you heal from a breakup is yourself. Thus think of everything good, count your achievements, groom yourself, pamper with gifts like our Spa Bucket Gift Hamper or Modern Day Recovery Kit. Do everything that feels good by keeping yourself happy. It is important that you feel good about yourself. If the entire process is taking a toll on you, then feel free to reach out to friends and family, they are the people who will always love you unconditionally.

Trust that you will find better: Do not drown in your couch under the bedsheet and think that you will never find anyone like your ex. Instead, believe that you will find someone better. You might have heard and read about the “Law of Attraction”; the universe resonates with our thoughts and wishes. So, plunge into positive thinking only and believe from deep within that you will find someone far good, who will love you back and make you feel special.

Time for some fun! After you have cried enough and felt sorry, it is time to celebrate Valentine’s Day without your ex. So throw an ANTI-VALENTINE PARTY. Select a theme and invite over all your single friends. Pump up the volume and party hard! Who knows you might end up with a knight in shining armour.

Name an insect: Use the Valentine’s Day to name an insect after your ex and feel the fun. Slowly and gradually you will learn to overcome the loss with a smile, and one day you will emerge HEALED!

Send smart hate emails: Who said that on Valentine’s Day you could just make proclamations of love? Use this special day to send smart hate emails to your ex. Do not be abusive, but, you certainly can be sarcastic. It might not affect them, but you will certainly feel better.

And remember that you cannot start a new chapter in your life, if you keep re-reading the last one.

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