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How To Perk Up Your Home With 6 Simple Steps

A home isn’t just a safe space. It’s a space that we host friends and family in, a place that we create in, laugh and cry in and a space that we can call ‘our own’. A home is a reflection of our personalities, which is why each home is so unique in the way it’s decorated and maintained.

Home- spaces can also get super uninspiring if they haven’t been worked on in a long time, and seeing as how we spend a lot of our time in them, living in a dull-looking home isn’t the most ideal of situations. Just like a make-over perks up your look, simple things can help perk up your home as well. If you’ve been looking to give your home some love and make it look a lot better, or if you’ve just moved into a new space and are trying to figure out ways to make your space look good here’s our take on a few things you can do.

1. Get Creative With Your Coasters

Coasters are very underrated and often completely ignored, but they’re great ways to make an impression. From zodiac options to fun and funky boho styles, from classy minimalist to spiritual options, from vintage designs to eco-friendly ones- coasters are great ways to show off the kind of person you are. Get creative with their shape and placement as well, look for different shapes over rectangular and place them on your center-table, study table apart from your dining table. Fun bright colours will also perk up your dining table, but be sure to match these with the type of table you have.

2. Bottle Up Some Art

They look hand-made, are very versatile and can instantly add a designer look to your space. Designer bottles can be hung from the ceiling in your homes, placed on tables for added decoration, used as plant-pots, or even lamps (just place some fairy lights inside) They also instantly add some colour and fun to any space.

3. Light It Up With Lamps

Speaking of lights, we think every home needs a beautiful lamp to calm things down and add colour to your space. Perfect bedroom options include bedside table lamps while living room spaces look great with a floor lamp. If you have low seats in your room, then table lamps can double up as floor lamps as well. Experiment with handcrafted, dual toned, funky, spiritual, vintage or colourful options. They don’t have to be of a specific shape either, try square, long and creatively-shaped options based on the look you’d like to create in your room.

4. Add Some Greens To Mix Things Up

Plants aren’t just great for overall health (they purify air and keep away mosquitoes and bugs) or useful to chefs, they’re excellent ways to beautify a space as well once you’ve decided on a good plant-pot for your space. Pots with chains are great hanging options in your kitchen window or balcony, while railing planters would look great against windows and balcony railings. Glass pots, meanwhile, make for great indoor options. Find plants that only need water (not soil) to survive and drop them into a pretty glass pot to place in your bedroom or living room. Experiment with shapes, sizes and colours and if living plants are too high maintenance, try fake plants and add soil to the pot to make it look like the real deal.

5. Get Decorative With Some Artifacts

Gone are the days when porcelain dolls and show-pieces on shelves made for the decor of a space. Today, it’s all about being funky with your artifacts, so experiment with frames, little wooden or clay toys, hookah pots, bamboo pieces, skull decorations and a lot more, depending on your room and the colours you’ve played with in it.

6. Hang Up Clocks To Watch Out For


Now that we’ve got our phones to tell us the time, we don’t need our clocks to just be functional and boring. Get funky with long, small, circular, rectangular, decorative, simple and more clocks that compliment your furniture and the overall look of your room. Make sure you take into account the colour of your walls and attempt to find options that complement or stand out.

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