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How to make glycerin soaps at home

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Organic products are the new norm of living. As the shelf space of organic product increases, people are often confused about what is authentic and what isn’t. Sooner, the fancy of homemade products took over, being accepted as 100% certified organic stuff. The growing trend of everything handcrafted, genuine, no-synthetic materials in our lifestyle, has started seeping in.

People have now been buying natural-made products, from a neighbourhood lady to special boutique shops. The consumerism for organic way of life-has spread its base from ‘thing of the elite’ to people with special interests. There is consumption of organic food, organic furniture, natural cosmetics, and even natural soaps. And, you can actually try and make a natural-soap at home. Glycerin soap for example, moisturises your skin with its possessed natural -plant oil properties. It has been acknowledged for a long time, and is gaining easy acceptance as ‘organic soap’. Most manufacturers pull out glycerin during soap production, or use synthetic glycerin.

There are multiple ways to make glycerin soap. Here are some tips to make that perfect glycerin-bar.

1, Choice of glycerin- Soap is personal, and should be treated as such. Soap has personal essence of smell, scent, flavour and properties. If you think, your skin needs a natural moisturiser every day, and if you feel glycerin is your flavour, then choose glycerin oil. Otherwise, homemade soap can be made of vegetable oils also.

    1. Vegan- Homemade glycerin soaps should be necessarily natural, vegetarian. When you buy glycerin soap base or any other ingredient, make sure it is marked vegetarian, not animal-based bars.
    2. Buying glycerin- Start the process by buying glycerin, your main ingredient. Make sure to buy it from a trusted shop. Usually, glycerin soap base is available in craft stores, shops selling natural products, and select pharmacies. The soap base is a block; a transparent bar of glycerin soap base. The transparent bar is clear glycerin bar. There are bars available in different colors, but use color dyes. There is hemp glycerin too.
    3. Prepare own glycerin bar- you can prepare this at home too. Use organic coconut or sunflower oil in the process. You will also require filtered water and certified lye (100% sodium hydroxide). All these ingredients are essential for chemical process to prepare a glycerin bar. Mix Iye in water and heat it. Add Iye to water and stir it, to dissolve completely. Then cool the Iye. Mix the oils and heat it slowly. Pour Iye in the oil mixture. Heat it slowly till it gets a thick-sticky texture. The gel-like consistency means that your soap is ready. If you want to test it, dissolve it in water to verify. Add sugar and water; put it to boil till the sugar completely dissolves.
    4. Other ingredients- along with glycerin bar buy other ingredients like essential oils like lavender, peppermint oil, coconut, musk, or any other scent of your choice. Rubbing alcohol, extra virgin olive oil and soap mold will also be required. Use natural colors if you like it. Soap cutters, wooden molds, soap making herbs, will help you accessorize your process. Rubbing alcohol has strong smell of its own. You can check for alternatives too, which have 70% alcohol content.
    1. Melt the glycerin- put the chunks (use soap molds) of glycerin bar into microwave for heating it. It will heat quickly. This process is to give soaps a shape of your choice later. You can also use a double boiler or cooker to heat it. Add natural colors to it, if you chose to.
    2. Add essential oils- add few drops of essential oil, olive oil, in the melted glycerin and stir it thoroughly. Stir it till it dissolves completely. Essential oils have a flavor and distinct properties of its own. It is good for your skin too.

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