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Honey: The Drink of the Gods

“My son, eat thou, honey, for it is good” — King Solomon

8000 years ago, honey was introduced to mankind. Soon people discovered its many benefits in aspects like eating, bathing, and healing and honey became an important commodity to the point that some people used it as currency for trading. The Romans used honey to heal their wounds after fighting battles and the Egyptians used it for beautifying their bodies. Honey also holds an irreplaceable place in the mythological realms all over the world in every religion.

Speaking of honey, honey bees also find a way to the discussion. It is remarkable how they can survive harsh conditions of the regions where man has been living. Be it at the equator or the Arctic Circle, they have managed to fight the environmental imbalances and made it through all these years via natural selection. That’s a lot of information on honey and bees, eh? Let’s explore what good the honey does to us after consuming it:

Benefits of Honey

Prevents cancer and heart disease

It contains antioxidants which prevent the expansion of dangerous cells.

Increases athletic performance

It helps maintain the superior content of glycogen levels which furthermore helps the body recover faster and last longer.

Heals wounds and burns

The drying property of sugars and anti-bacterial characteristics of honey have proved to heal the wounds once applied to it externally.

Strengthens the immune system

According to scientists, honey also acts as a catalyst in producing immune cells making the defense system of the body stronger.

Reduces a cough and throat irritation

It helps relieve a nocturnal cough and provides proper sleep devoid of disturbances.

Boosts your memory

It is found that honey enhances the intellectual retaining of things and experiences in the human mind.

After going through these benefits let’s agree that honey is something magical to possess, do not agree? Well, let’s see what happens when you apply it externally on your body, maybe that might make you consider its magical properties.

Moisturizes the skin deeply

The reason why honey is present in a majority of beauty products is that the enzyme present in it enable its properties to seep deep into the skin while conditioning it.

Lightens scars

Honey helps the skin heal faster, thanks to the natural antioxidants present in it that repair damaged skin.

Adds a natural glow

If applied with yogurt the results would be incredibly glowing skin.

Helps reduce wrinkles

Mix a little honey with milk and apply it on your face. Doing so regularly will help reduce fine facial lines and wrinkles from the face making you look young and radiant.

Hydrates the skin

Honey has natural humectant properties, it draws out moisture down to the skin from the air. Therefore applying honey to your face is the best way to keep your face hydrated and supple all the time.

Removes dandruff

When applied with water, and massaged on to the scalp honey has proven to eliminate dandruff.

So, looks like honey turned out to be an all-rounder. Catering to numerous health aspects, honey single-handedly tackles various health-related issues both internally and externally.

But imagine what will happen when you mix this power-packed nectar with other natural ingredients possessing super properties of their own.

Popular Types of Honey

Well, the result could be and is only fantastic. There are various types of honey available today. From spicy to fruity to minty, there exist jars of honey of all kinds. All are interesting to savor and unique from each other in every sense. Here are a few interesting ones:

Garlic Honey

Prepared by infusing garlic oil in raw honey, this one gives a boost to your metabolism and helps in weight loss. It also helps clear acne on your face and body and is known to have healing properties.

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Almond Honey

Almond has a host of nutrients and when they are combined with the properties of honey, the combination is simply a superfood. It also has amazing memory stimulating power and thanks to it being all natural there are no side effects.

Cinnamon Honey

It is a known fact that cinnamon helps reduce weight, but when infused with raw honey the combination can be helpful in various other ways. You can use it on insect bites and reduce inflammation and consume it daily to improve bone health. Both honey and cinnamon are rich in antioxidants that take care of our overall health. Their combination is great for fighting free radicals in the body, which help prevent chronic diseases.

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Lemon Honey

Lemon and honey are like a match made in heaven! Made by infusing lemons in raw honey, this variant of the nectar enhances your immune system and boosts the absorption of nutrients. It also contributes to maintaining pH levels and promotes healing.

Turmeric Honey

Turmeric is known for its antibacterial and anti-inflammatory properties. When mixed with raw honey, the combination is a healing elixir. You can eat it to cure a cold and cough naturally or simply use it as a face mask to clean pores, balance oily skin, moisturize, and nourish.

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Some Interesting Facts About Honey

– Pure honey does not go bad: When stored in an airtight container, honey almost has an eternal shelf life.

– Honey can come in different colours and flavours:  The depth of flavour in the honey is determined by the source of nectar it was made from. Therefore honey can differ in the way it looks from region to region.

– Honey is good for the environment: It is said that without the bees’ mankind will able to survive only 4 years as they help in pollination of fruit, flower, and vegetable seeds. Therefore, honey is good for the environment.

– Not all honey is made by bees: Surprised? Well, the Mexican honey wasp is another species that makes honey. But sometimes this honey can be poisonous thanks to the flowers these wasps like.

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