Historical Examples of Curation

Historical Examples of Curation

Curation has always been all around of us, whether we’ve noticed it or not. From time immemorial, curation has been an active part of our lives. We know it by the more musical term “shopping”, but what we are actually doing is picking the best from everything we see a.k.a curation. Curation is as old a process as time. And our history books are filled with wonderful examples of curation. Have a look at some of the most classic examples of curation in the history of mankind.

King’s food being tasted:

king-tasterFrom all the stories we’ve heard from our grandparents about kings and queens and other such royalty, one element has always been common to all stories; that the food of the royals was always tasted before it was dished out. Kings had a professional food taster who would critique the food as per the kings liking. But their roles were larger than that; to ensure that the king’s’ food is not poisoned by a rival or a traitor. Wonder what his twitter feed would look like:

Aurangzeb’s Official Food Tester

@Livinglifeontheedge; Stuffing my face today, May Die tomorrow

@AurangzebLootera; my last words to you; Sarkar Maine aapka namak khaya tha, mere baad mere biwi bachchon ka dhyan rakhna.

@Livinglifeontheedge; Le ab Poison bhi kha. The END.

Shabri Tasting dates:
sabari-rama If anyone in the history of curation had the coolest curator, this award would hands down go to Shabri. The woman made it her only business to ensure Lord Rama only got to eat the sweetest fruits nature had to offer. She, quite literally took a bite of each fruit, and only if she considered it sweet, would she let Lord Rama eat it. We may be the best in curation today, but even we can’t out do her! Look at her twitter feed


TheRealRamaBhakht @OnlySweetFruitsForYouRama; Fruit taster and collector. Freelancing only for Lord Rama

@LordRama;  Nothing’s Good for my Lord, You are my only career #JabraFan

Swayamvars/Kings choosing queens:


Back in the day, the ladies lived in style! How cool was it that their dad would handpick a few guys from whom his beti would select her future patidev. Daddy dearest would invite princes from neighboring kingdoms and his princess would select ‘the one’, all in a big fat Bollywood shaadi style. If this is not curation, what is Pick the bestest from the best; just like Qtrove products!



@rakhisawant #CopyCatKahinKi you ain’t no princess. I got class beyatch!




Akbars Nav Ratnas


This dude was so full of the cool curation quotient. He already had the whole kingdom at his feet, but it wasn’t enough. So he auditioned the 9 best men, each bringing with him a special talent unlike anyone else. The wisest man, the music idol, the finance manager, the chronicler etc etc. He called them his 9 gems.


@AmITheGreatestMoghulOrWhat Yo @BirbalShaana, my kingdom is the shitz without you bro, tere jaisa yaar kahaan!

@AmITheGreatestMoghulOrWhat;  Jab tak hain jaan, mere shehenshah I’ll be there for you  @IInspiredIndianIdolTansen @AmITheGreatestMoghulOrWhat @BirbalShaana enough with the bromance guys! Get a room already!

King Arthur picking the Knights of the Round Table:


And then saat samundar paar, there was this guy. Just like apna Akbar, he had his own knights of the round table, each chosen for their uniqueness they brought to the table. He was known to bring the bravest of the brave men to his round table through a series of tests and the successful ones would be conferred with knighthood; one of whom was so brave he seduced Arthur’s wife. #CurationAccident


@I’mTheKingOfTheWorld; Doing Normal King Things. No Biggie!

@Lacelot, looks like you forgot the bro code man! Whatever happened to #brosbeforehoes

@ImtheKingOftheworld, What can i say man, she dig my swag! #Loveisblind #SorryNotSorry

Choosing Kings/leaders for a nation:


When things became more organized and civilization was born it was decided that one man would rule the nation or lead the country. So people started participating in this political mahabharat. They proved their worth through a series of promises of a better life and one of them would go to rule the nation. Political battles have always been about curation. Each party has a representative considered the ideal leader and finally one wins.  ThatGuyOnYourMoney

@Gandhimeranaam; They Call Me Mahatma

Twitter Poll: Picking PM Candidates who do you think should be India’s first Prime Minister @AsardarSardarPatel or @MyFam’sTheJamNehru #CurationGoals

Jury system:


Did you know, the now extinct jury system (at least in India) is also an example of curation. A court summons an X number of members who can perform jury duty, out of which only 12 people are finally selected to hear a case before giving the judgement. Selecting the jury is a tough task. If either prosecution or defence feels a particular juror is biased, he/she is excused from Jury duty. Selecting jurors is a painstakingly long curation process in itself.



@TeriToh LagGayi; Just our nose in other people’s business

@LindsayLohan; by the power vested in me, Inow pronounce you #GuiltyAsCharged. #JusticeJury

Like we said, curation has always been around. Whether in the past or now. In fact, it is an active part of our modern life too, but with the million options around us, we’ve forgotten the very beauty of it. Well at least now, we can let the pros take over. We at Qtrove curate the most unique items for you from handpicked vendors. Watch this space for more!

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