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Here’s Why Bath Salts Need to Be A Part of Your Skincare Routine

Coming home from a stressful day at work, all you want to do is chill and rest. A hectic job, loud traffic, crazy pollution, and the tiresome drive back home, phew! All of this a little too much for an average working class and is bound to take a toll on anyone’s mind and body. So how does one relax and unwind? A hot water bath is the most relaxing way to blow off some steam but soaking in warm water can be more riveting just by adding exotic bath salts to it.

Most people associate bath salts with drugs for their therapeutic effects but few know they can also be used to add excitement to your bath time. Here we will discuss the latter aspect of it. Before we start, let’s make you aware of the fact that bath salts which are used as a drug are called Synthetic Cathinones and are totally different from those used for bathing which are Epsom salts. Bath salts are different from soaps and apart from jazzing up the soak time with sweet fragrance they have multiple health benefits. The trick for an overall enchanting and healing experience is to go for natural, handcrafted bath salts, which have a natural fragrance, are free of artificial colours, chemicals, and alcohol. These magic grains are light on the skin and are capable of doing more than just being aromatic.

Health Benefits of Bath Salts

Relieves Pain and Muscle Cramps

You might wonder how can bath salts relieve pain and muscle cramps. So let me enlighten you with a scientific explanation. Bath salts have magnesium in them, which is a powerful pain-relieving mineral. In fact, some researchers believe these minerals hold the key to resolving many types of chronic pains and also aid in cell metabolism and they also promote quick healing of skin tissue. All you have to do is soak yourself in a bathtub filled with bath salts and bid farewell to sore muscles.

Regulates sleep

You know how sometimes you hear a certain song or smell something particular, and you’re whisked straight back at a specific time or place in your past? It’s the same with being warm and sleepy – when you associate something so strongly with a feeling, it often becomes linked. So when you’re warm, it’s easy for your mind to think of this as sleep time, and for you to react accordingly. Thus bathing in warm water with bath salts is ought to give you a good night’s sleep. The sweet pleasant fragrance will definitely calm your mind, balance the emotions and prevent premature aging. It’s like a mini spa treatment at home to pamper yourself after a tiring day.

Improves the quality of skin and Eliminates toxins

Bath salts are one of the best bath ingredients for soft skin. If you suffer from itchy or irritated skin, then Epsom salts can be added to your bath recipe. Soaking in bath salts is a popular body treatment and is basically a facial for the body. Natural bath salts make the skin smooth, soft, and supple. According to a Health Extremist, the sulfates in Epsom salt are essential for stimulating the pancreas to produce the enzymes necessary for detoxification. An Epsom salt bath helps neutralize toxins and protects the body from heavy metals. They also detoxify the skin by clearing pores, drawing out impurities and removing dead cells thereby paving way for a radiant and healthy skin.

Cures Inflammatory Diseases

It is clinically observed that deficiency of magnesium and calcium cause sore muscles and inflammatory diseases, especially after an intense workout. High content of magnesium in natural bath salts improves common skin problems such as eczema, tension, and localised swelling. These bath salts are versatile in their use and efficiency and carry many benefits beyond looking beautiful and smelling great.

Better response to the stimulus

Soaking your body in a salt bath after a taxing day is blissful. And this practice not only does wonders to skin but is also excellent for your overall well being. Exotic bath salts stimulate the lymphatic system to encourage the optimal flow of blood within the body and boost the influx of natural electrolytes thereby improving the nerve functioning. This will definitely uplift your mood and improve response time ultimately making you more mindful of your surroundings.

Bath Salts You Must Try

Can’t wait to get yourself some bath salts? Well, the fact is that you won’t find them easily in the market and you might have to go on a quest to get your hands on them. Or you could simply order them online here:

Lavender Ocean Bath Salt: The lavender bath salts by Handmade Adda have a delicate and harmonizing scent. They’re wonderful to relieve muscle pain and soreness. 


All Natural Pain Relief Bath Salt: These salts by Vedaearth will give you a renewed strength to battle the day ahead naturally. They are curated using a natural ingredient and are devoid of artificial colour and fragrances.

Citrine Bathing Salt: Rejuvenate and revitalize yourself with a tangy and refreshing aroma, the Epsom salts by Mystic Healing are loaded with the goodness of minerals and soothing properties.

Thus, it is wise to say that bath salts are a healthy way to celebrate and pamper your body. All you have to do is add some to your tub and relish the experience. It just can’t get easier than this!

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