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Healthy Breakfast And Meal Options By Vijaya Foods

Want to stay healthy but don’t want to compromise on the taste? We understand the pain staking process of waking up every morning and trying to make quick breakfast that is not the usual Peanut Butter Sandwich or boring cereals.

Introducing Vijaya Foods, a local small brand that aims at creating easy breakfast and meal options that are super healthy and nutritious.

Here are a few food options that you can choose to use as you’d like and create a snack, meal or lip-smacking beverage out of it.

100% Multi Grain Malt: Multi Grain Malt is a perfect food option for all age groups. The Multi Grain Malt is prepared using carefully selected grains which are then sprouted to gain more protein, and then the grains are roasted to get the maximum taste without losing the nutrition value. The Multi Grain Malt is rich in protein and essential Vitamins. You could choose to make a quick pre workout energy drink or a protein rich dessert like laddos out of this simple malt!

100% Natural Ragi Popped Flour: Ragi Popped Flour is prepared using carefully selected Ragi grains, washed in warm water and then popped at a particular temperature to bring out the maximum taste of Ragi grains without losing the nutrition value. Popped Ragi Flour is a 100% natural product and has an abundant source of Protein and Amino Acids required for the human body. Make tasty laddos or add Milk and Jaggery to make hot porridge for breakfast, either ways you have a good amount of nutrients going into the body.

100% Natural Sorghum Popped Flour: Sorghum Popped Flour is a healthy, gluten-free replacement of your daily breakfast or snack. A great source of starch makes it a high energy food. It is also an excellent source of protein and fiber. It is said that the amino acids in Sorghum are more easily digestible than the ones found in wheat. It helps reduce the risk of type 2 diabetes. You could make laddos or rotis out of this flour.

Preservative Free Ragi Sari: Ragi Sari is prepared using carefully selected Ragi grains. The grains are then sprouted and dried carefully. The dried grains are then powdered and go through a tedious process of filtering so that the Sari becomes baby friendly. Loaded with nutrients, Ragi sari is a perfect first food for your baby’s health and happiness. It is best suited for infants starting from the age of 6 months to 24 months.

Ragi Sari at Qtrove

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