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Goosebumps Pickles Giving Us The Goosebumps!

Be it thayir saadam, aloo paratha, dal roti or rajma chawal, nothing complements these dishes better than probably a helping of pickle. Especially for those living away from home and surviving on boring canteen food, unpalatable stuff cooked by oneself or at the mercy of dabbawallahs, pickles can always add that extra flavour to a meal.

Thirty-year-old Pinank Shah started Goosebumps Pickles in April 2012 to give a taste of “ghar ka khaana” to working professionals and students living by themselves. “It’s an in-house business. My mother-in-law makes these pickles along with her three daughters. She used to anyway make 700 kg of pickles every year and send it across to our relatives in Mumbai and Gujarat. That’s how the idea struck me and I thought why not have an online portal through which we could sell pickles all across the country,” says Shah.

Amba Halad Pickle

Barely two months into the business and Shah and the pickle factory had already catered to hundreds of clients across the country. “We have orders pouring in from the U.K, Australia and Dubai. Since we don’t retail abroad, we just deliver it to their relatives in India, who then send it to them,” says Shah. Did he believe a business such as this would do well? “Yes, but the only hurdle was how to make people know about the quality and taste of the pickle. So we put photos on our website and that worked,” he smiles. Another reason for this business to do well is the fact that given our hectic lifestyle, we hardly have any time to indulge in the painstaking process of making pickles. Therefore a website which makes and delivers the product at the doorstep is a boon. Once the order is placed it takes around 10-12 days for it to get delivered. Every parcel goes through four layers of packaging to ensure no damage or leakage.

Goosebumps pickles will take you back in time with their delectable pickles such as; Chana Methi pickle, Chunda Pickle, and Garlic Pickle. They have a variety of traditional old world pickles such as Gol Keri Pickle, Ker Sangri pickle, and Amba Haldi Pickle. They have even tried their hands on some fusion pickles for the youth such as Olives and Jalapeno Pickle! To add to all these mouthwatering pickles, Goosebumps also make tangy after meals like the Masala Dates After meals, Masala Orange After meal and many others.

No one can ever complain when they are in a pickle made by Goosbumps Pickles! Try them at


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    • Hi Satish,
      You can order tomato pickle by following this link 🙂

    • Hi Satish,
      You can order tomato pickle from our website by following this link – 🙂


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