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Catch the Curator #11 – Dev Kumar Reddy | Future Organics

Future Organics – Where Every Bit is Full of the Goodness of Nature

Meet Mr. Dev Kumar Reddy, the man behind Future Organics, a brand that is developed with the sole intention of helping people lead a healthy and happy life and pass on this habit from one generation to the other.

A man of many talents, Mr. Dev has farming and social work in his blood. Born in an agricultural family in Hosur, he always felt a divine connection with the nature which laid the seeds of Future Organics in his mind as one of the best ways to bring the goodness of nature to all households.

Having completed his Masters Degree in Social Work from Chennai, Mr. Dev was attracted to the philosophies of Mr. Jiddu Krishnamurti, one of the famous philosophers, speakers and writers of his time. According to Mr. Dev, in order to stay fit and fine, people need to go all natural because the food that we eat makes or breaks us.

When asked about Future Organics, he said, “Nature has always tried to give us the best! It is time that we go back to nature and let her keep us healthy and Future Organics is that medium!” The moment he said that, we were like, it’s very thoughtful of him, indeed.’ Therefore, we thought to give you some more insights into his life, in his own words.

Why Future Organics?

I always wanted to become a social entrepreneur. What else other than Future Organics could have been the best medium for that! Most importantly, when I learnt that about 85% of health conditions can be treated without going to a medical facility just by having proper and natural nourishment, I was determined to make organic food available to every household.

it’s also very important to maintain natural biodiversity and ecological balance for a healthy life.  With Future Organics, we try to bring all types the natural treasures to people that promotes a healthy lifestyle.


What were you doing before Future Organics?

Before I decided to form Future Organics I was associated with a project for promoting eco-friendly resorts.

What inspired you to do this?

The inspiration behind what I am doing today is “Arogya Rahasya” by Sri Rajiv Dixit. According to me, we are responsible inhabitants of this planet and it is our duty to protect every aspect of it to ensure common well-being & harmony.

What is the speciality of your products?

What I feel is, we should include more and more organic food products into our everyday diet as most of the diseases are caused by the high chemical contents found in various food items and products. Each and every product available with us is completely organic and natural, for example – the lotus jam from Future Organics comes from the natural lakes around Pudducherry and honeys from the forests of Himalaya. Our pickles are made with handpicked raw materials using traditional cold pressed technique. So, in one word our specialty is ‘Organic’.

How do you achieve the chemical-free thing?

We follow natural pest management practices to ensure our products are chemical-free.

What are the products you deal in?

We basically deal in organic products including – honey, jams, pickles, tea and bath & body care products.

What, if not Future Organics?

If not Future Organics, still I would have been doing something that’s natural and good for everyone.


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