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“A healthy outside starts with a healthy inside, and what could prove this line more than my customers who consume Future Organics range of natural products on a daily basis.”

Future Organics is a Chennai based organic brand that wants to bring natural traditional nourishment to people to help cure majority diseases and live a healthier life. Their products range from natural sweeteners like honey to health supporting herbal drinks and powders.  The founder of this beautiful brand – Mr Dev Reddy shares with us, a few of his first hand encounters with his customers. He also shares with us the impact his products have had in his and his customer’s lives.

 Morning Miracle Drink:


Morning Miracle Drink is a special health care product which is secretly tried and tested. This health drink helps to clear arteries blockage, and has been tried by several people as a non-commercial product just by passing on the recipe. This product is not sold as a medicine but as a natural health drink which is safe for anybody to consume. This drink has no artificial flavouring and it is made of all natural ingredients.

Many of Mr Dev’s close friends and family have been using this drink as a health potion for a while now, it was only when they started seeing visible difference in their health that this product was official launched by the brand. The most common difference found after consuming this drink has been of greater stamina and stronger immunity. The best part about this drink is that it can be consumed by anyone irrespective of their age and health complication since this drink is all natural, it does not come in the way of other medication. 

Tipli Wonder Tea:


Tipli Tea is made out of Tipli plant which is good for rejuvenation and general health. It’s excellent for a cough, cold, and sour throat. The Tipli Tea is recommended both in morning and evening. Tipli is a wonder Ayurvedic plant which helps in improving general health. Tipli helps in metabolic well-being and boosts energy levels. This tea is also called as the wonder tea because good things in life are rarely both tasty and healthy.

This tea has the stamp of Mr Dev himself! After a walk at the beach, he consumes this wonder tea along with Shesham honey and a freshly squeezed lime. With a big bright simle he says, “ It really tastes great along with keeping me in the best of my health! When I take this I feel light and almost never have any cold, cough or sore throat and body pain at all at the age of 58! I strongly recommend this tea to all my friends.”

It really seems like if you have these two health potion by your side, you will always be in the best of health and never need a doctor. Future Organics does offer only the best, just log onto Qtrove to get your health in place!

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