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Eight Reasons Why Chocolate is Best for You

Are you one of those girls who hide behind a pillow and weep in guilt just because they had one or two couverture chocolate bars? Chill lady! It’s not at all bad. That is why we are here,

8 Reasons That Explain – Why Chocolate Is Best For You.

1. Chocolate is a delicious source of nutrition

No other food product is as tasty and as healthy as 100 grams of 70% dark chocolate. It contains minerals like zinc, selenium, phosphorous and potassium. Apart from this, it is a rich source of:
• Iron – 67%
• Magnesium – 58%
• Copper – 89%
• Manganese – 98%

2. Chocolate minimises the risk of cardiovascular diseases

Thus, it is an ideal gift for your sweet tooth and your sweetheart. With regular chocolate consumption, the risk of blood clotting is eliminated, which further ensures a healthy heart. In a research conducted by the University of Aberdeen, it was revealed that people who consumed chocolate on a daily basis had 11% lesser risk of heart attack and 23% lesser risk of stroke, when compared to ones who did not consume chocolate at all.

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3. Chocolate keeps the liver healthy and happy

The high flavonol content in dark chocolate keeps a check on the blood pressure, while nitrous oxide dilates the blood vessels. Liver veins, when affected with high blood pressure, resulting in chronic liver diseases that turn into liver damage. Research has proven that dark chocolate improves the blood flow in liver but, it can prevent liver damage is yet to be concluded.

4. Chocolate makes you feel elated

Journal of Psychopharmacology published that individuals who consumed about 42 grams dark chocolate during the day, felt content and happy than people who did not. This happens due to release of happy hormones in the brain – serotonin and endorphins.

5. Chocolate makes you intelligent

Researchers from Oxford University have concluded that chocolate can boost the brain power and make one smarter. Reported in the Journal of Nutrition, they stated that there was a relationship between chocolate consumption and brain power. In the battery brainpower tests they found that people who had chocolates, wine and tea showed better cognitive power than the ones who did not.

Note: The test was conducted on Norwegian people aged between 70-74.

6. Chocolate makes your skin glow and glisten

It is a myth that eating chocolate can give you acne and pimples. In fact, the flavonols in dark chocolate act as UV filters, and protect the skin from sunburn. It would be fun to use melted chocolate as sunscreen. Won’t it?

7. Chocolate makes your boner strong

White and milk chocolates are the favoured flavours for healthy bones. They have a high level of dairy and are rich in cocoa. It is recommended that you have 50 gms of white chocolate to make your fragile bones rock solid.

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8. Chocolate keeps you slim and sexy

According to research result published in Archives of Internal Medicine, it was found that people who ate chocolate few times a week were slimmer than the ones who ate it occasionally. The research took into account their complete diet.

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