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Diwali Delight For Your Customers

This Diwali Delight Your Customers With These Exclusive Gifts

Gifting is an art. It gives immense pleasure, makes one feel loved and works wonders if you wish to express gratitude. Mostly, all the cultures have traditions that are related to giving and receiving gifts. The same applies to the business culture too.

The customer is not the king, he is the queen; and queen loves to be delighted and surprised. Gifts are impactful because they are unexpected. Your Diwali gifts will have the greatest impact if your customers aren’t foreseeing it. Thus, strategically plan some extraordinary gifts for your clients, and your boss may be the one appreciating you for driving greater sales and profitability.

There are questions about the right and wrong gift for a client. With so many different types of customers and tons of choices, how does one choose the right gift?

Well, you can classify the gifts into following categories:

  1. Gift them a cherishable experience – Great gifts are always experiential for the recipient. Giving gifts like the dive trips, a family vacation for a day, a meal at a five-star restaurant, a cooking class, a day out with the spouse – will give the client memories that will stay with him forever and boost your business. All experiences do not need to cost a bomb, look around to find some cool, yet very affordable ones and purchase them as gifts.hangover pack
  2. A smart gift hamper will make them happy – Do not go for a lousy gift basket. Instead, fill it with exotic, relevant, and customized products only. Think what does the recipient love, what business he is in, what challenges does he face, is he a health enthusiast, foodie, a party freak or a fashionista; consider all of this and fill the basket with the most appropriate gifts that will bring a smile on his face.petite_breakfast_box_1024x1024 Jute Gift (Set of 4)
  3. A unique gift – Imagine gifting your client a funny bobble head, a pen or a pillow with a quirky message, a t-shirt with his caricature. Through personalized gifts take considerable effort and time, as they are unique and curated with love. Customized gifts are 100% about the person receiving it, and are certain to leave exceptional memories.#Lifegoals Throw Pillow Cover
  4. Show you care with a well-being gift – Well-being gifts create a connection between you and your client. For instance, a spa basket or couverture chocolates will leave your customer with an unusual sense of gratitude as you have gifted him a day of complete indulgence.Artisanal 72% Sugar Free Couverture Chocolate Bar
  5. An impulsive gift – Impulsive gifts are meaningful and sincere. They are ideal as the customer has no idea or expectation of receiving it and feels great when he does. Imagine your client loves drooling over coffee and you leave a beautiful coffee hamper on his reception. He would feel excited. Wouldn’t he?Coffelicious Gift Hamper
  6. A gift that would change their world – Do charity on your client’s behalf and send him the note of gratitude. Gifts like these make people stop and take notice. The emotional value attached to them is way beyond words, and you have no idea how touched your customer would be.Birthday_Option5_Just_Desserts_01_1024x1024 ChocolateTheme_Option1_CouvertureCollection_01_1024x1024
Happy Gifting to You!

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