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Catch the Curator #10 – Sneha & Pratik | Decadenz

Decadenz – The Brainchild of Two Out-of-the-Box Thinkers

Meet Pratik Marfatia and Sneha Motwani, the Co-Founders of Decadenz, a brand that believes; a fudge a day keeps cravings at bay. So, they say – Don’t wait, Just Satiate!

Pratik and Sneha, two young souls and ex- BCG management consultants founded Decadenz with a vision of bringing the world famous character of Willy Wonka to life and carve out a niche by fulfilling the demand of chocolate in the Indian marketplace. Pratik said, “Our products have been developed after 6 months of continuous research and development into the world of chocolates, the processes and products associated.” He also added, “Each and every product at Decadenz is literally curated to serve you people with the most refreshing change in the entire scenario of Indian desserts.

Let’s share some chocolaty words with the chocolaty duo of Pratik and Sneha –

Your website says, “Decadenz as a brand is centered on everyday sin”. What do you actually mean by that?

Yes, you are absolutely right. It’s there on our website. The concept of Decadenz revolves around the idea that life is too short to be lived on someone else’s terms. In our society, anything that’s not a stereotype, that’s not regular or within the comfort zone, is deemed as a sin. Decadenz encourages the youth to break all the stereotypes, fall out of line and live their lives outside the pre-defined boxes, outside their comfort zones.

We have been able to ensconce this philosophy of ours through chocolates. In a market where consumers are very much accustomed to conventional chocolate desserts like, bars, ice-crèmes and cakes, our sinfully delicious Chocolate fudge is like a gust of refreshing change in a world full of typical and conventional desserts. At Decadenz, we strive to bring different types of crunchy, nutty and creamy flavors to you. Our melt-in-the-mouth and gooey desserts will definitely win your heart and be friends forever with your taste buds.


What are your bestsellers?

Crispy Cashew, Perky Peanut Butter, Warm Walnut and All-out for Almond, these are out bestsellers. Each with a special ingredient will take your heart away.

What’s so special about your fudges?

Our chocolate fudges guarantee complete indulgence and pleasure. We don’t prepare, we craft our servings with great care and love with handpicked natural ingredients. We have some of the best chocolate chefs and connoisseurs who take care of the flavors that go into every spoon of our fudges to make them sinfully delectable. We are sure that once you get to taste our endearing lip-smacking delights, you will forget all your worries. Packed into quirky, colorful and reusable containers, you can have Decadenz’s fudges directly from the jar or as a topping to daily snacks like bread, chips, milk etc.

Simply put, with Decadenz delights simple and plain meals will become fun meals. So, don’t let the sweet tooth in you die.

Where do you see yourself in the coming years?

With our eagle eyed focus and enthusiasm, Decadenz aspires to become a household name in India in the years to come.

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