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Customer Diaries | Matru Ayurveda Makes Us Proud!

If you would have read one of our older blog on Matru Ayurveda you would know who Shwetha Khandelwal is.

Just in case you missed that out, Shwetha Khandelwal is the founder of a thriving beauty care brand that was formulated on the Ayurveda.

Here, one of Matru Ayurveda’s loyal customer shares her experience of using these chemical-free skin care and hair care products.

“A year and a half back, while I was moving towards a healthier and sustainable lifestyle by replacing my entire day to day chemical based products with Organic and Ayurvedic ones; I met Shweta (Matru Ayurveda’s Founder) in one of the exhibitions and saw the various herbal and chemical-free beauty products she was exhibiting.

Shweta’s knowledge on various herbs, oils and their efficacy, kind of pushed me to use her products. And I am happy I did that. Since then I am one of the loyal customers of Matru Ayurveda. I have tried many of Matru’s products and all of them have given me good results. I have switched from using creams and lotions to their Virgin Cold Pressed Almond Oil. In the not so hot and not so cold weather of Bangalore, Almond Oil works great on the skin. It absorbs quickly and moisturizes well. I have tried many other brands of Almond Oil but this one so far has been the best.

I have been using their Natural Hair Cleanser – Pure Shikakai Powder as well which is a very good alternative to my shampoo and it does not dry up the hair. It has a natural conditioning quality so I do not need a conditioner separately. Works very well for me!

Very recently I also tried their Plant Based Hair Dye – Indigo and Mehandi combo on Shweta’s advice. I have been using hair color to cover my greys. I have tried many herbal products in the past but nothing was as effective. Thankfully this combo was different. Since it is a natural product it takes a bit of patience to apply but the results are awesome, it covers the greys properly.

So far I am happy with all the products and I continue to try the new ones. The kind of knowledge Shweta has on skin types and hair and what would be best for each of those is commendable, this makes it a lot easier for me to decide. Thanks Matru Ayurveda! Keep making these great products!”

Qtrove feels like a proud colleague to hear such kind words of appreciation for its partner seller! Great going Matru Ayurveda!

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