Curation in the Modern World

Modern Day Examples

Man has curated since time immemorial. And not just products that needed to be bought off a store shelf. The need to identify the best option, and to make sure that it is part of an informed decision making process, has always existed. Let’s take a look at some modern day examples of curation.

Reality Shows:

Hate them or love them. Reality shows are here to stay.  Ever seen the first episode of any reality show? It starts with a million people ‘auditioning’ in front of a panel of judges (a minute’s silence for them please). After many a painful contestant displaying Kardashaian-esque talents, the judges finally shortlist about 15 jokers to embarrass themselves on the big screen. What just happened here? Why curation of course. Although personally I cant help but cringe at the irony that THIS is what is meant to be an Indian Idol.

Selecting a university to attend:

Remember when your parents lied to you that all you need to do is ace your 12th grade board exams and then life will just be a breeze? Barely did you close the browser after seeing your results, the conversation shifted towards which college you should apply to. Why is this so important? Does it really matter if you do a degree in soap making from a small town vs studying nuclear physics at an IIT? Hells yeah it does! Its cos you know the value of a degree from a reputed institution vs a shack with a board in the front claiming to be a college. So you do your research and shortlist the best colleges based on your scores and your affordability. This is curation.

The World Wide Web:

When was the last time you actually visited “Page 2” of your Google search results? Thats what I thought. I havent either. And Google knows this very well (just like they know EVERYTHING else in the world). Thats why they curate the best results on the first page.         

Good old fashioned Shopping:

If you were lucky enough to have a mother or a grandmother who was a real control freak, then you are in luck cos you can relate to the next example! Remember when you were a kid and couldnt wait to get home. But you had to sit there and watch your mum/grandmum check each and every onion, tomato, ladies finger and potato they bought to see if it was dented or scratched or rotten? They did that so you received only the finest of curated veggies on your plate.

The present day car/real estate/marriage brokers:

We all want whats best for us. Be it the used car we are buying, the next apartment we want to move into, or the girl/guy that we want to end up marrying. And the brokers know very well that we would not like to settle for anything short of what we  believe  is the best. That’s why they shortlist what they believe is the perfect option for our requirements.

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