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Coverture Chocolates by Jus’Trufs Can Never Disappoint!

Jus’Trufs – the brand representing a mouthwatering line of exquisite, specially crafted, couverture chocolates was started by one passionate chocolatier mom, one foodie husband and two very enthusiastic sons.

Started from a home kitchen in 2001 to establishing a fully flourishing brand that is known for its couverture chocolates and truffles is all about chemical-free food. Backed by 16 years of chocolate making experience, Chenddyna Schoe has been creating, selling and of course consuming her famous chocolates with their main ingredients being in the purest form. She loves playing around with Cocoa Mass, Cocoa Solids, Sugar, and Whole Milk Powder as her base ingredient and throwing in a few other interesting ingredients such as Mint, Coffee, Chilli and more.

Prior to Jus’Turfs, Chenddyna was in the middle of a sabbatical from chocolate making, busy with marriage and children. After a good 10 year gap, she came back to her first love – chocolate making!

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Jus’Trufs is not just a chocolate making brand, but a conscious brand. They are constantly trying to reduce their carbon footprint and prefer to source local ingredients wherever possible. The single origin cocoa bean used in these chocolates is sourced from South India. Their artisanal Bean to Bar offering, has a high distinctive burst of cocoa with just the right amount of sweetness to scintillate your taste buds.

While talking about the many initiatives Jus’Trufs as a brand takes, Chenddyna explains, “We are doing our bit for the environment by building a green building, creating manure from our wet waste and segregating our dry waste. I had toyed with the idea of an early learning center for kids where we could multiply their intelligence, inspired by my experience with my niece who has cerebral palsy but still learnt how to read and articulate using Mr Glenn Doman’s books, and a lot of determination from her parents, and the experience of using it on my kids and kids in a nursery we used to run in a low economic area of Karnataka.”

Getting back to the drool-worthy chocolates, Jus’Trufs most popular productions are Artisanal 72% Dark Chocolate Bar with Palm Sugar, Artisanal 72% Sugar Free Couverture  Chocolate Bar, Artisanal Cooking Couverture Chocolate Bar, and Sugar Free Cocoa Nibs.

Try these and many more artisanal couverture chocolates by Jus’Trufs at

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