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Chocolate Day Special

Chocolate! The name itself fills your mouth with water,isn’t it ? So let me take you to the astonishing birth and upbringing of our most beloved buddy “Chocolate”,It was Around 1000 BC, beans of the first kawakawa tree were found by Olmec of Latin America.Although,the importance was not given at that point of time but it didn’t take the dull beans to show its true color and soon everyone got to know its magical aroma and use.

It is interesting to know that the beans have succeeded to uphold its value over time without squandering. Even in its very early days, the cacao beans were so cherished that it was once used as the currency by the Mayans .These magical beans gave us the rarest ambrosian gift called CHOCOLATE. People across age groups old love to engage with the sweetness and aroma of Chocolate.

So,what are you waiting for? A reason… ? well,that’s here . It’s CHOCOLATE DAY on 7th of July. Hook up and Grab the chocolate you want this chocolate day on Qtrove.

Qtrove promises to triplify your joy of Eating the World’s Best Quality Homemade Chocolates.


The Magnificent Collection of Chocolates! Wow it’s a magical world

Ok now Imagine yourself getting lost in the world of Chocolates,Wow! That feeling itself gives us a burst of adrenaline and pure pleasure.Well,what if we teleport you to that magical Chocolate world? Yes, you heard me correct. Let’s deep dive into the curated trove of delicious handmade chocolates on Qtrove.

The appetizing bunch of chocolates that you must try this chocolate day includes Cashew chocolate, marble chocolate, fruit & nut chocolate, milk chocolate, Artisanal coffee chocolate bar, artisanal milk chocolate bar and much more.

Health Conscious? Same Pinch 😛

We know, you are vigilant about your health and for that matter you must be. In this era of lifestyle diseases and unbearable pollution, one must constantly look forward to grabbing the purest/sustainable products available in the marketplace and Qtrove is the pied piper here. Qtrove aims to be a marketplace that promotes products that are sustainable and non-mass produced and hence we bring the best of artisanal chocolates from our partner entrepreneurs straight to your doorstep.
So, let’s Eat, Share and Celebrate this Chocolate day with Qtrove’s curated Homemade rare chocolate collection!


  • The blog itself is very sweet and deliciously written.It just driving me to have a bite of Qtrove’s chocolate.

    • Hey Nishant,

      Thank you for your sweet words. Enjoy our 100% Pure Handmade chocolates at your home. Do let us know about your feedback after that.

  • Nicely told history of chocolates..nice blog..keep it up..I surely wanna buy some of those from your store..

  • Awesome creativity…..superbly written….keep it up…:)

  • It’s just awesome….


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