Bacon Jam at Qtrove

Cheatz Spreads and Masalas Must Be A Part Of Your Cheat Meal!

Cheatz Spreads and Masalas Must Be A Part Of Your Cheat Meal!

They say that love for bacon is a true unadulterated love. A heaven sent gift for all bacon lovers is the ever green range of bacon infused gourmet delights from Bangalore’s Cheatz bakery.

Started by ardent bacon lovers, Cheatz is a brand of gourmet spreads and jams with bacon being the key highlight ingredient in them. Handcrafted using the finest quality of handpicked ingredients, this super delicious brand carves out some real mouthwatering bacon creations. Packed with taste that is unparalleled and best experienced, these artisanal range of handcrafted bacon products are infused with flavor that only enhance the taste of these heavenly bacon creations.

The original Bacon Jam is an umami-heavy relish made with slow-cooked bacon and caramelized onion, sugar and spices. It is the perfect addition to burgers, sandwiches, or any snack in need of a little extra oomph. Bacon Chutney, a piquant Indian variant, layers the complex notes of bacon with the clean flavours of mint and coriander.

Bacon Butter at Qtrove

Bacon Butter, a rich and subtle spread, pairs bacon with a delicious excess of butter and milk solids. And Smoked Chilli, the spicy variant, combines two of India’s most enticing chilies −Kashmiri and Guntur −uniting the far ends of the country in a common love of spice.

Cheatz is based out of Bangalore, with flavours and products developed entirely in-house, by a team that prides itself on a deep understanding of flavour, aroma and epicurean delight.

After the grand success of their bacon based jams and spreads, Cheatz has now ventured into a new line of products that are most basic to any cooking – spices! An exclusive hand ground range of masalas and spices have been in the lime light of the Cheatz kitchen.

A few top notch products from the new range are; Soya Sauce Powder that is one of its kind, dried herb powders such as Basil, Thyme, Oregano and Mint. Garlic granules, dried Lemon Powder and Tamrind powder come to rescue when you have to make the many adjustments to a recipe.  Mushroom powder, White Onion Powder and Tomato Powder never fail to add a zing. And to top it all is India’s favorite masala – the Tandoori Spice Blend to marinate Paneer or Chicken!

Bring these spice powders to your kitchen to make sure that the dishes that go out of the kitchen are always remembered!

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