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ChaiSafari – Single Origin Second Flush CTC

When travelling through India, the one treat that remains a constant – is the various types of Teas and their styles of preparation, characteristic to each region – that can be found. Founders – Vivek Singhal and Ashis Agarwal, ardent tea-lovers and avid travelers, experienced this first hand. And as the name of their brand – ChaiSafari indicates, they are looking to share their journey through these diverse-teas!
ChaiSafari directly sources their tea leaves from tea-estates in North East and Nepal. Picking and processing their tea themselves, they directly ship their tea to customers – avoiding middle men and large distribution networks. This allows them to have their tea fresh and ready, with limited manhandling, in 1/5th the time it takes for tea to usually reach your nearest supermarket. Being strongly opposed to artificially flavouring products, they instead blend their teas with freeze dried herbs, fruits and flowers for natural flavour.

Chaisafari at Qtrove
To further cut down the time log and create an absolute garden fresh experience for their customers, ChaiSafari brings you the rare chance to taste the single origin tea from the distinct and much revered Phaskowa Tea Estate from the foothills of Himalayas in the Doars region that has an established name since 1897. The USP of this product is that it is produced, procured and custom packed to orders. ChaiSafari is receiving pre orders for the Teas that they shall procure from the Phaskowa Estate from 28-30th April. Your order shipping shall commence from 1st of May, ensuring you receive teas within 1 week of production. General brands loose this by mixing a variety of teas to suit their needs. This is a drastic cut down from the usual 12-14 weeks of delivery time that other brands undergo.
ChaiSafari is more than anything else, passionate about exquisite tea. ChaiSafari is everything about tea – its rich heritage, many complexities and sheer variety. We imagine ChaiSafari as a delicious journey to experience all of this and more. And it’s a journey they would love to share with you!

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