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Catch The Curator #27- Rashi Sanghvi|Gardner Street

Gardner Street- Find Nutrition In A Cup Of Tea

Meet Rashi Sanghvi- The founder of and the driving force behind Gardner Street- a brand that’s changing Indian tea preferences one sip at a time.

A lot can happen over a cup of tea. And while that may sound like something straight out of a cheesy advertisement to you, it happens to be Rashi Sanghvi’s reality. A student of a business school in Boston on the lookout for something to keep her warm during winter besides layers of clothing, she stumbled upon tea and all the possibilities it offered. ‘Hence the obsession began’ she says as she reflects upon that eureka moment that’s now translated into a business. ‘From tea from different regions of the world, to herbal blends to innovative blends with fruits and flowers, I had tried them all. I’d fallen in love.’ she says.

Her passion for tea was infectious, so we brewed a cup for ourselves and sat down to chat further.

1. What got you to take your love for tea and turn it into a business?

After I moved back to India post my MBA, ,I found myself searching for more than ‘chai’ or the insipid stuff people had started having in the name of green tea. That is when I decided that the time was ripe to expose the second largest tea drinking nation in the world to the endless possibilities that the same cup of tea offered.

2. What does a cup of Gardner Street Tea bring to the table?

We use only the best quality whole leaf tea leaves and blend them with real fruits, flowers and herbs. The quality of tea leaves we use ensure a higher concentration of antioxidants unlike the commercial variety dust teas that have very little antioxidants if any at all and are loaded with artificial colours and flavours to mask the taste. Additionally, the use of real botanicals (herbs,fruits,flowers,spices) in our teas also ensures that the consumer gets all the benefits not just of the tea but also of these extremely therapeutic herbs used.

All our products are available either loose or in these chemical-free silken nylon teabags that give the whole tea leaves enough room to swirl and release their flavour.

3. Why call it Gardner Street?

Ah, Gardner Street was the name of the street I lived on in Boston. The street where the need for a warming, healthy beverage, and the idea of experimenting with tea flavours took birth! Hence the name.

4. What are my tea options with Gardner Street?

We categorize our tea into different ranges:

– Signature Range: Our classic go-tos which work across all ages and genders

– Wellness Range: A more targeted collection when it comes to health, obviously without compromising on taste.

– Luxury Range: Loose teas sourced from different parts of the world. This one’s to be share with loved ones and savoured over long chats.

All you have to do is take your pick.

5. And if I had to pick one from your best sellers what would my options be then?

I’d recommend trying all of them, but if I had to pick, I’d say Moroccan Mint: cinnamon and mint blend, Glow: whole leaf green tea with hibiscus and marigold, Kashmiri Kahwa and Light: whole leaf green tea with fennel and star anise.

Gardner-Street_Moroccon-Mint_01_1024x10246. My friends are big on tea. Would your products be good gifting options?

Absolutely! An increasing number of people today are moving towards healthier gifting. Which is why we offer a host of gifting options and have a separate gifting range for the same. We offer beautifully packaged tea gifts for all occasions, from 50th birthdays to baby showers to weddings.

7. If you had to explain your brand to someone in one line- an elevator-pitch almost- what would you say?

Gardner Street is an experimental tea brand with an overarching focus on providing great taste and health in a teacup.

8. We’re all out of tea, but I have one final question. If it wasn’t for Gardner Street, what would you be doing?

Probably starting up another company in the gourmet F&B space. Would you like another cup of that?

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